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Some people believe MYOB is the way to go, but doesn’t that allow for some issues that should be attended to, to go ignored?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) December 23rd, 2014

It is easy to say if people mined their own bees wax the world would be better. Is it not because of that many people got bullied way to long because people thought it was not their business to get involved, or mentally diminished people wander the streets homeless because too many people did not think it their concern to be concerned for them? Sometimes is MYOB as harmful as or more so than butting in sometimes?

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Yes, MYOB is failing to face reality, not confronting injustice, staying stuck in one’s own misery.

And in many instances when one gets involved and someone says “mind your own business” that’s when it is time to say, “it is my business!”

If one mined their own beeswax, better be careful that the bees don’t sting you.

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MYOB is a very ignorant way to tell other people to keep their distance, that you can’t be bothered. And so it goes, on to oblivion. Teach their children to be like that. They drive that way, too. Like no danger can deter them if they don’t notice or take note of the danger.

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I haven’t heard that phrase in so long I had to open the link to see what the acronym meant.

But I suppose it all comes down tointerpretation. a person can be aware or make adjustments or take action all while minding their own business.

For instance a job where work is just work. No need to follow gossip or stick up for the asshole everyone complains about in the break room. No need to invent politics or insert oneself. They will complain no matter what. For them it relieves stress and bonds them for me it would just be a waste of energy. The arsehole is probably hurt by it but he’s also exacerbating the issue by becoming passive aggressive. And he’s old enough to have learned another way if he chose. I’m not anyone’s therapist. However if things do get to ramped up I can take measures to diffuse the situation without taking sides. That’s just the first example that popped in my head… We can’t always be crusaders we can choose what is important enough to standup for and most importantly not be a gossip or a meddler/potstirrer.

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I don’t think that one rule fits all situations.

My inclination is to stay out of things where I am not directly involved. (reticence? shyness? who knows?).

But there are instances where doing nothing is more potentially damaging than doing something.

(and there’s another wrinkle – the differenced between interpersonal MYOB situations, with people you know, as opposed to anonymous situations with people you don’t)

There is no hard and fast rule.

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I guess in the end it comes down to the reason and/or intention behind getting involved. Declaring a war in a country ruled by tyranny because no one is helping the populace, or starting a war in that same country because you want its natural resources. Problem with such examples is that the action is sudden and definitive, while the results are seen only gradually, at least from where I sit.
But it definitely alters things obviously,with repercussion at that, so that’s why I think the intention behind not MYOB makes the difference when it comes to whether or not it’s good. I don’t think that, currently, you can blanket the whole subject with a yes or no.

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It totally depends on the context. Some one is against gay marriage? MYOB. Hate Christians / Atheists / blacks / Jews? MYOB.
Someone is beating a dog or a child, then MYOB doesn’t apply.

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