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Is there a favorite food that it just wouldn't be Christmas without?

Asked by marinelife (62445points) December 24th, 2014

For us, it has become a tradition to have a rib roast for Christmas dinner. With Holiday Green Beans. Yum!

Also, we like to have muffins and coffee for Christmas morning breakfast. Sometimes, I also make a Christmas egg casserole.

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Chinese, delivered…

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@jonsblond I love Russian Tea Cakes (although I can’t eat them now).

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Oh, there must be holiday shaped and decorated home-made sugar cookies with milk.

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Plenty of wine.

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Roasted reindeer rectum.

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My killer apple cranberry relish, but tonight it’s not on the menu. I mix it up every year, sometimes traditional ham or turkey, sometimes a serve yourself buffet, sometimes pizza, sometimes chinese. Tonight is salmon and pizza, how’s that for eclectic? haha

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Christmas cookies and Irish coffee but I won’t be having them this year. I did my holiday baking in November when the boys came home.

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Roast beef dinner with panettone and eggnog for dessert.

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Ah, cookieman, how I miss eggnog! I have looked into low-carb, but am too chicken to try to make it.

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Latkes and apple sauce and cheese blintzes with sour cream. Oh wait, they’re for Hanukkah.

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I love eggnog too but dammit, I can’t take all that sugar anymore.

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Christmas dinner is always ham for me, but I’m not so tied up in the food that I’d say it’s not Christmas without it. My mother’s cooking, in general, on the other hand – now that’ll be a weird thing to be without on Christmases once I’m out on my own.

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For my husband for Christmas dinner I make Picadillo (a Mexican ground meat dish) if we are home alone. At his moms she makes that as well as some other dishes that are traditional for them that I have come to expect as part of the ritual.

For me, I could care less what I eat on Christmas. Whatever is served is fine with me. I prefer it not be too fattening and have some veggies available. I’m so tired of the holidays being fat laden foods.

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@ucme LOL dude gross lol. You and I need to play Cards against Humanity or something :D

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@Pachy and @marinelife: One glass of Nog per year is good for the soul. I drank a little last night and poured the rest in my coffee.

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@Symbeline Ha, not a bad idea, dunno about you but i’d rip those fuckers a new arsehole, no holding back :D

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A family member brought some Greek meatballs for the first time. Rick said they were really good, but Ew. Ew. Part of the recipe calls for uncooked rice (which cooks in the process) and when my husband cut open his meatballs there were all these white things sticking out and they looked like worms. Ew. I didn’t try them.

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