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Why don't my parents let me exercise?

Asked by writingmylifeaway (32points) December 25th, 2014

Hi, my parents say no every time I want to join a sports club, go to the pool (to do laps, I love swimming), or even go to the beach (because there’s too many sharks, apparently…)
Anyway, they deny everything, and jogs with my dog aren’t a good idea since we live in a pretty bad neighborhood (luckily moving soon.)
They don’t let me eat healthy, and when I try to go on the exercise bike, my dad says to ‘get off that stupid thing’.
A few weeks ago, maybe even a month, they attacked me because I’m “so overweight”. I got so confused and upset I just ran to my room, crying. I am 13 and a few months old, and I’m about 5–10 kg overweight. I want to lose these kg’s and get in shape, as it’s the school holidays and I really want to join the volleyball or tennis club next year at school. Also, how do I explain to them that I’m mostly interested in tennis? Sorry this is so long, but thanks in advance, and any help is appreciated. Please no rude comments, they are still my parents and I love them, they’re just a little hard-headed at times! So how do I make my parents understand I want to exercise and diet?

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Do you live in another country than the USA?

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I live in Western Australia

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Maybe you can find some articles in magazines and journals (or online) on the importance of exercise and how it helps to develop brain power and study skills. That might convivnce them since they are so academically focused.

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Consider exercising in your room. It costs nothing and you don’t have to go anywhere.
Have you seen the “7 minutes a day workout”? It is fantastic and it available any time you want it. Look it up on youtube. Keep track of your progress: how many push-ups, how many crunches, etc. You will be able to track your improvement.

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Um…why would your folks have an exercise bike in the house if they think it’s stupid?

When I was a kid I wanted to join a soft ball team. My mom refused to let me, because it would be so much hassle for her. The field was within walking distance of the house, but she still said “No.” Here I was 13 years old. Could have been getting into drugs and who knows what else, but I wanted to get into sports. I still find it odd, but she was just odd at times.

When I got into HS, in my Junior and Senior year I joined the volleyball team. Didn’t ask my parents first, I just did it.

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Are your folks overweight with unhealthy habits? Can you work out at school? Can you talk to a school counselor and explain to them what your personal goals are and they might be able to help. You are 13. Your body is your own and there comes a time when you must not give them any control over you.

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