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Was Christmas up to your expectations?

Asked by marinelife (62445points) December 25th, 2014

Did you like the presents that you got? Was the food good? The activities fun?

I had a good day, on the whole.

And, by the way, have a happy Christmas, jellies!

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My expectations were zero, so yeah, I’m pretty fulfilled.

Christmas dinner is on Saturday and my home made noodles came out beautifully today. I always remember the time that the girl who taught me to to make noodles took batch out of the freezer and they had glommed into a solid mass

Merry Christmas @marinelife!

Thanks for all you do here.

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@ibstubro Love homemade noodles!

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Nope never is, just another day this side of the flowers.

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No expectations but had fun. Drank too much champagne, stayed up late, not feeling too spiffy now and still have another dinner to make for friends in a few hours. Not feeling too motivated in the moment but I shall rally, always do. haha

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Yes to all three. Small arguments, slightly depressed because of those, but nothing major :)

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If I do say so, my noodles are totally awesome @marinelife. Takes a day of prep, an hour to noodle. And I only cook the chicken until it’s done, tear it into pieces, then add it back into the noodles. No chicken strings in MY pot.

I also have The Perfect Carrot Cake recipe

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Was expecting to be pretty miserable but the day passed pleasantly enough with the added bonus of being invited to friends for Christmas dinner. I am trying to train my mind not to go to the sad places.

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^ Keep it up – glad you’re happy for now! :]

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Yes and no. I feel my relationship with my niece and nephew is better and better and that makes me very happy. I was very glad to spend time with them the last few days.

The rest of the family thing was mixed with good and bad. Unfortunately, most of it is typical frustrations I have whenever I spend time visiting my Inlaws. As far as gifts, I’m neither here nor there. My MIL bought me a perfume I picked out with her on Tuesday, but she gave it to me Christmas Eve when everyone was opening their gifts. My SIL have me a bracelet I liked, but did some things during the night that annoyed me. The food I knew I wouldn’t be thrilled with, but there is one dish I look forward to, and that dish the flavor was off. Just one of those things; it didn’t come out as good as usual.

We drove home today, Christmas Day, and at the door was a packaged that had been delivered, a gift from my husband, a brownie pan. I love it! It was on my Santa list. It’s different than the one I had seen, I think I like this one better.

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I survived. Too much Christmas day music on my rock and roll radio stations.

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I already expected the Dr Who Christmas special to be a disappointment.
And it was. What a waste.

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@ragingloli Maybe you can be a writer for the show? Or a creative director? So no more specials have to go to waste.

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The more I watched the recent Dr Who episodes, the more I started to miss Matt Smith.

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@ragingloli I liked “the doctor” who was friends with K-9 and was put on trial for genocide for killing plant creatures on a spaceship. I don’t know his name he had a plaid scarf.

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I get nothing staying at home.

Well, Christmas is over here, still thanks for the wish.

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My son wasn’t with us. He ended up getting an offer to stay in the US for Christmas and I’m happy for him, but I missed him being with us. He’s going through a stage!

Other than that it was a lovely day. I enjoyed spending a day with my husband and daughters. We had lovely food. We all cooked so nobody was burdened with a load of work. We all got lovely presents that we liked.

I didn’t start with any expectations other than having a nice day with my family so it worked out fine. I’ll just look forward to a second Christmas day when my son returns home.

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@Earthbound_Misfit Awww…I hope your reunion with your son is all you expect.
My daughter is 27, moving to a new area in a couple months after commuting to her new job and moving in with the boyfriend of the last year. I had so much fun with her last night. Good relationships with our adult kids are so special. She won’t be that far away but the farthest so far, I am going to miss having her around on demand. lol :-)

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I expect nothing other than a nice day with family and that way I am not disappointed. I guess I also expect that the food will be good, because it always is. My family are awesome cooks, fresh and simple. No fancy sauces,nothing frozen, canned or boxed. All homemade stuffing, dessert, etc.

As far as gifts go, I expect nothing and I want nothing because anything I do want, I can and usually do buy for myself. I got a nice sweater from LL Bean and an Amazon gift card, and that was all good. I also bought myself gifts, as I usually do. Three pairs of earrings, perfume, a boxed set of the Wicked books, a few shirts.

I had a great Christmas eve in church (the annual visit to church) seeing the children’s nativity service and then going to dinner with my family. I didn’t want to go out, as it’s a far ride to where they go to church and it was raining pretty hard. I really wanted to just stay home, but I was encouraged to get my second wind, and I was happy that I did.

Today, Christmas, simple as I described. In addition to eating, I just hung out with my family and my daughter played with all of her new toys. I am off for the next week so that is something I look forward to.

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Yeah! Low key, but expected. Even numbered years I get the kids Christmas Eve and take them to their mom in the morning. So that’s what we did today. After I dropped them off, I had brunch with my mom at the Senior Residence where she lives.

The rest of the day was low key, a run in the afternoon, movies on TV, a dinner of leftovers, and a long talk with my sweetheart who is at her mom’s in New Jersey.

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Yes… ‘Twas a quiet day in which Netflix binge-watching was the main activity.

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It was a mixed bag.

Christmas Eve was fabulous!! First time in eighteen years we didn’t host. We went to my wife’s cousin’s house where they did the full seven-fishes spread. Great company, good conversation, yummy homemade desserts and eggnog, and there was a new puppy — who was adorable. Much better than expected.

Christmas Day was nice. Shared gifts with my wife and daughter in the morning, which is always fun. Brunch was at my nephew’s, which was okay. He’s a pretty lousy host who really just wants you to bring gifts and get out. No coffee, no napkins — my wife brought 90% of the food. Whatever, he’s a schmuck. At least we get to see the grand nieces.

Later in the day, after some napping, we made a nice roast and hung out. Great.

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It sucked balls and next year I’m going on a trip overseas to avoid it.

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^^ Me too!

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Excellent idea! @janbb @trailsillustrated count me in!!!

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We went to Vegas one year for Christmas. I’d like to do a cruise for Christmas.

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@trailsillustrated: Rum balls, perhaps?

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If it’s a cruise to avoid Christmas, we’re going to be at sea a loooong time!

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Think 3 hour tour.

Tthe Fluther cruise is A-1.

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Christmas Day was nice. Not anymore than nice because my husband forgot his insulin shot and didn’t speak that much and we left early. The food was wonderful; my daughter is a terrific cook. All this went on at her mother in law’s house.
Truthfully, the entire month of December is just too much for me anymore. I tire easily and stay tired for most of the time. I detest wrapping gifts, I only use a tabletop tree now and my daughter and I were at the tail end of a long argument. I never get to see my older daughter since she lives five hours away, her car is always out of order and she has major mental problems. Happy New Year.

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^ after spending an absurd amount of money on my son’s presents, I got into a blazing row with him Boxing Day, after I worked all night Christmas, was so upset I lost my phone. Oh and I got zip, happy new year.

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@trailsillustrated I just gave you some lurve. Does that count?

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@trailsillustrated, sons can be quite challenging. Tomorrow is a new year, I hope 2015 is much better than 2014 has been for you. Is your phone insured? Check your home insurance, it might be covered under that. If it is, you might get a new phone! Do you have your contacts saved somewhere?

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Oh thanks guys,, it was so bad. I’ve never lost a phone. I have insurance but have to jump through flaming hoops to get a replacement so I’m stuck with an old phone that’s really hard to text on. I went for drinks and dinner with an old friend that I friend zoned ages ago that doesn’t get it and always wants to know why we “couldn’t be more”. He gave me the only present I got a bottle of plonk. Rant over

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@trailsillustrated May 2015 be a better year for you.

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