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What should I know about a tablet?

Asked by Berserker (33506points) December 26th, 2014

Well obviously I know enough to have bought one, and so far it suits my needs perfectly. I figured out most of the basic stuff I need to know about it. (Samsung galaxy tab 4)
But does anyone have any experience with this? Are there things I should know? Even small details, anything. This is new to me, so I probably don’t know as much as I think I do. Anything you can add would be appreciated, thank you. :)
Edit; oh and how do you copy and paste with this lol?

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Copy and paste is a bit of a mess on Android. But generally you just press and hold and some option will pop up. In firefox it gives you little sliders you use to refine your copy and there is a icon on the top that looks like two pieces of paper stacked on to of each other that copies. In the messaging app it doesn’t give you the sliders and it just pops up a big modal dialog box that has a copy option. Then to paste you do another long press, and again it varies by application.

And yeah. My only tip is to install firefox and then install adblock edge to block ads while you are browsing.

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For cell phones the function of a case is protective.

However, for me the case on my tablet makes it so much easier functionally speaking.

Mine folds backwards and into a horizontal tripod support which makes it so much easier to hold. Even vertically, folding the case back gives me something to grip rather than just trying to hold on to the tablet itself.

I think the added comfort and functionality of a good case would be even more important if one has a 10 inch tab. rather than a 7 inch.

I have really small hands so I’m probably more conscious of this but I still think a good case can add a lot to everyday functionally of a tablet.

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Copy and paste is a bit of a mess on Android.

Ha wow, that’s different. Got it though.

Thanks guys. :) And yeah, case coming up soon.

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Guys, what’s those icons on the top left corner of the home screen? Arrows facing down, then some little boxes and then more arrows. If I tap on them it shows my internet connection along with the current time. There are ten boxes between the arrows. What is that stuff?

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Which version of Android does your tablet currently use? That’s going to be your key as to what all the various icons stand for.

Android frequently changes things around so it’s sometimes difficult to track. Whatever I have on my tab may not match up with yours as we are doubtlessly using two different versions of Android. I also don’t rush to DL eagerly every new version because all this switching around annoys me. Make up your mind, Android.

However, if you search on both Google and YouTube for “Tips and Tricks for…” along with the name of your version of Android, that should be a good start.

Some of the Android forum users post evaluations of the new changes each time a new iteration comes out, detailing the changes and their opinions about them.

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Can anyone tell me why YouTube videos look all grainy all of a sudden? It used to be crystal clear, now they all look pixalated.

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I’m just taking a guess here, but have you checked to see if there are any updates to the YouTube App?

The other possibility is that it’s an internal YT glitch. Check the Android forums to see if others are experiencing the same thing as you.

If all else fails, call the 800 number for Samsung support tomorrow during regular business hours.

That’s my biggest gripe with Android tabs. If there’s any type of problem, it’s difficult to pin down whether it’s due to Android, Samsung, or whichever company made the App.

With IOS, it’s pretty much a one stop shop since everything has to go through Apple, both hardware and software issues.

Good luck. Let us know what you find out.

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Well the YT app itself works fine. Videos look normal. But if I go on YT straight from the net, then the vids suck. I found out that if I switch over to desktop, then the videos look a little better, and you have the option to put them on 720p. But the mobile version is just utter crap, with no HD option.
Sucks because it just happened outta nowhere, was normal before.

And yeah, there are no updates for the app. :/

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Well, if it happened all of a sudden, then it’s most likely that YT tweaked something somewhere and this is a side effect.

I’ve found that YT does this a lot; change how they function cuz it’s hapened to me on both IOS and Android.

The fact that they’re so difficult to communicate with (and actually get any response) makes this more difficult to deal with.

Perhaps call Samsung to see if other users have experienced these types of problems. Or go to the Galaxy Tab section of Android Forums and see what others have done to cure it.

BTW. I’ve also found that the desktop version of many sites works far better than the App they have for it. That’s because with any App you are restricted by the parameters that the developers have set and it usually means MUCH reduced functionality.

As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve downloaded any Apps for sites that I can reach through the browser. I really haven’t found any for which the App is better. It’s just more simplified.

In fairness tho, keep in mind that most Apps are designed for a tiny phone screen so some of the reduced functionality is necessary.

There are some Apps which have a version optimized for tablets but they were originally designed for a phone screen.

So in principle, it’s quite similar to the difference between a regular site’s desktop version vs. it’s mobile version. Reduced functionality just comes with the territory.

Try the mobile vs. the desktop version of Fluther and you’ll see what I mean.

As a matter of fact, it wasn’t untill a number of months ago, flagging was not possible on the mobile version until the founders tweaked the code to enable switching to desktop to flag and then back to mobile.

So, YT is constantly making modifications to it’s code for both Apps and desktop use and some of them have unintended consequences.

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Whoa hey, now it’s back to normal. I got a notification telling me YT updated…you were right, that is what it was. :D And thanks for all the info, it’s definitely all good to know.

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