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Would you let someone borrow a bathing suit or vice versa?

Asked by JLeslie (59783points) December 26th, 2014 from iPhone

I’ve had friends offer to let me use one of their bathing suits and I would never do it.

How about you? Do you find that strange? It’s like borrowing underwear to me. I wouldn’t do that either.

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I wouldn’t think twice about it.
Not just speaking hypothetically, I have both worn others bathing suits and loaned my own.

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It’s not strange at all. I used to have a pool, always had a few extra around for guests.

In high school we had to wear suits handed out by the gym teacher, pick one up on the way in, drop off the wet one on the way out.

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I would if it was family or a good friend

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Yes and yes.

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I’ve never had occasion to borrow one myself, but I’ve loaned one to a friend before. It was clean when I gave it to her, then when she was done with it, it went into the laundry and then put away again.

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The wife lets me wear one of hers whenever my mood takes a fancy, like if I want to work on the car, or do a spot of garden aerobics for example.

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I’ve only done it once, and it was my mother-in-law that borrowed one of my swimsuits. I did wash it and wear it again with only a little weird feeling, but in most cases I wouldn’t. I’d never wear someone else’s swimsuit, nor would I buy a used swimsuit or exchange underwear with anyone. I feel weird enough trying on swimsuits in a store even though I almost always keep my underwear on. There’s always that voice in my head saying, “how many vaginas have been in this bikini bottom?” The piece of sticky paper in the crotch does nothing to ease the weirdness.

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I would be a lot more leery about swimsuits in a store because you know for certain that they haven’t been washed.

But with family or close friends I’d be amazed if they had not been washed.

If a swimsuit has been laundered prior to my using it, how many other vagunas had been in it prior to that would be pretty much irrelevant. Not so the case in a store.

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@Buttonstc ” many other vagunas had been in it prior to that would be pretty much irrelevant.”

Perhaps for you. I have nothing against my sister’s vagina, for instance, but I wouldn’t borrow her swimsuit for the same reason I wouldn’t borrow her underwear, even though they’d both been washed. I’d rather go get a cheap swimsuit or swim in shorts and a tank.

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I’d be finicky about underwear but not about swimsuits if the option was not to go swimming for me or someone else.

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What is the difference between a swimsuit and underwear?

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I think the goal of wearing a swimsuit is an important one; I can’t really imagine a scenario where I would be called upon to lend underwear. If there were a desperate need, I could lend that too. But also, a swimsuit is worn in salt or chlorinated water which keeps it cleanish. Anyway, it’s the way I feel; no point in arguing about it. I’m just not a germaphobe.

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No argument. I was just wondering how people thought about the difference. Not just you @janbb, but everyone on the Q. If it is a sanitary thing or just the idea that underwear or more personal, or whatever the reason. I wasn’t assuming anything.

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I have not worn someone else’s bathing suit but I would if I wanted to swim and I had no bathing suit of my own there.

Underwear, I would not. If I was at someone’s house and took a shower and had no new underwear to put on, I could do one of two things – either wear no underwear until I went home, went to the store or laundered my own, or I could wear the same underwear I just took off. I don’t prefer to wear no underwear, nor do I prefer to put on the underwear I took off before the shower, but sometimes life is full of difficult choices.

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I have no problem borrowing a swimsuit, as @janbb says it was probably worn in salty or chlorinated water. Also, most of the people I know tend to launder their suits.
I have also been in the situation where I had to borrow underwear (hospital emergency for a family member out of town, long story) and I was grateful that someone was willing to lend me some clean underwear. I figure that it’s clean enough if it’s been laundered. I also use forks and spoons at other people’s homes, even those who wash their dishes by hand.

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I would wear my sisters’ underwear if it was truly needed. But likely it wouldn’t be a “borrow”, they’d probably just tell me to keep it.

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I would and I have. Of course if it’s someone that I consider to be nasty, then no I wouldn’t wear their bathing suit.

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@chyna How do you know if someone is nasty? When a college friend caught crabs she still looked like the same beautiful college student to everyone else.

When I had to take another girlfriend to the ER because whatever her boyfriend gave her when he cheated caused her severe pelvic pain she still looked young, beautiful, well spoken, and from a good family.

When I have shingles on my ass nobody knows.

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Thank you for sharing your ass shingles with me. :-)
I said if it was someone I consider nasty. No way to know for sure.

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@chyna You’re welcome. :).

You’re right, you can never know for sure. It’s why I’m paranoid. People can have things wrong with them and not know. I’m not even trying to say someone would purposely omit they might have something contagious.

I’m more wary than most people because of all the GYN crap I’ve dealt with. Although, the point made above that we buy bathing suits after other people have tried them on is true. People are supposed always try on with underwear on, but I’m sure some people don’t.

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Sure. I mean, wash it afterward and it’s all good.

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@JLeslie I think @janbb hit on the big difference between wearing someone else’s undies and borrowing a swim suit. Undies are worn in a generally dry atmosphere, and before and after going to the bathroom, and get sweaty and dirty over the course of a day.

A swim suit is worn while swimming, so even if the person is unclean when putting it on, it is getting rinsed right away.

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Regardless, just wash them. It’s all good.

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@zenvelo I don’t see the difference, but people don’t have to agree with me. Bathing suits don’t always get wet. Sitting around in a wet suit can be worse if you let your mind run wild. Yeast infections come to mind. People go to the bathroom wearing swim suits too.

I do agree that @Dutchess_III is right, once washed it’s all good, but for me psychologically I wouldn’t want to do it.

I realize it’s a little ilogical on my part, because I do try on clothing before washing. Not sans underwear, but still, I guess theoretically a skin something or other could be communicated. Very rare I am sure.

I know people who will not sit on a public toilet, which basically has extremely little risk.

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