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Which kind of chocolate, in an assorted chocolates box, do you hate getting the most?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42474points) December 27th, 2014

I wound up with a 2 pound box of assorted chocolates at the gift exchange. I started passing them out to all the family (it’s a diet trick.) I’ve only eaten one so far…and it was that nasty raspberry shite! Man I hate those. They don’t even taste good, and those nasty little seeds screw with my teeth.

My sister used to chew the bottom out of the chocolates to see what she had. If she didn’t like what she saw she’d put them back in the box!

So what is the one chocolate you dread getting?

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Anything containing coconut.

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Chocolate covered cherries. That goo – yuck!

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Oh, those are my favorites @livelaughlove21!

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I love those, too.
wait, where is the nsfw tag?

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I don’t like those raspberry jelly type ones either and then there are the I think, maple? filled ones, that are also icky.

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@ragingloli and I finally agree on something! Coconut!

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Anything containing orange cream in it!

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Rose flavoured Turkish delight. Who the hell thought that was an acceptable choice to include?

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Butterscotch. Yuck.

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Jelly filled. Totally gross.

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Ditto on all the jelly ones!

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Chocolates with thick caramel in the center. I don’t like caramel to begin with, but that really chewy caramel I absolutely hate _

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@DominicY Ooh – send them over to me!

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The ones with marshmallow.

If I eat chocolates, I prefer See’s, so there’s almost no chance that I’ll ever be inconvenienced by the 7–11, AMPM, movie theater concession counter version of chocolates.

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Anything with jelly and caramel inside. Just thinking about the texture and taste in my mouth makes me.. shiver ughhh yuck

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Hazelnut. No idea why, I just hate it. It’s like… why would you take perfectly delicious chocolate filling, and make it taste cloying and shitty?

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I always spit out ones with any kind of nut and some kinds of fruit inside. Caramel and fudge centers were my favorites.

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Love coconut and caramel/toffee…hate Turkush Delight and anything with orange.

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Jelly filled and some of the dark chocolates.
If I crave chocolate, which is very rarely, I’m happy with a Hershey Bar with Almonds.

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Cherry or strawberry. And anything with white chocolate. That stuff does not deserve to be called chocolate at all. It’s just solid, sugary milk.

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Chocolate with salt & pepper. It may sound harmless but wow that pepper really makes an unwanted statement.

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I like any chocolate with nuts or raisins, or any combo of the above. I also like coconut.

Anything other than that, I am not a big chocolate fan. I like plain chocolate, or Godiva, but not in large quantities. I have Hershey’s Kisses in my kitchen cabinet and at work, and weeks go by without my touching them.

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chocolate with nuts and raisins is the best.
also white chocolate rocks.

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