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Glossy frontal look for the iPhone, any chemicals to use?

Asked by Iphone35 (134points) July 12th, 2008 from iPhone

I like to know if there’s a chemical/cleaner I can use on the iPhone’s face. I just took of the first plastic layer and left the second plastic layer to protect from scratches. So far I ve used lens cleaner. Is there a chemical to give the plastic layer a glossy look?

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Take off the plastic. It’s optical scratch-resistant glass. Clean it with your jeans, or if it gets really funky, squirt some windex on a paper towel or use a microfiber cloth.

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The face is glass. It is pretty hard to scratch. My iPod Touch has been in my pocket for months with keys and change. It is hard to scratch. The stainless steel back is a crazy mess. I don’t care since I never look at it.

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My iPhone has a tiny scratch near the top of the glass where I stupidly had to toss it onto hard marble a meter or two away*. The rest of the screen is immaculate. I don’t use a cover or any sort of ‘special phone condom’. So yeah, your iPhone will probably be fine. Peel of the plastic.

*I was stemming a leak coming out of a pipe spraying straight into the middle of our kitchen. What we thought was the stopcock was a tap on a redundant pipe. :)

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actually the smudges on the plastic layer sheet is my concern, I mean if take off the plastic sheet I m thinking those same smudges may appear afterwords on the iPhone’s face just like other mobile phones. I wish there was a glossy finish chemical especially for the screens or face of small gadgets i.e. Mobile phones, cameras e.t.c. Oh well.

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It’ll get smudged, but smudges wipe off. No big deal.

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Smudges wipe off the glass very easily on your t-shirt or jeans. Seriously, peel off the plastic, it’ll be fine.

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Apple included a small black chamois cloth in the box with the original iPhone purely for the purpose of wiping down the smudges. The glass itself is tempered, and very, very hard to scratch. Just use the soft cloth to de-goo it from time to time and you should be fine.

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