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What movie will they try to milk for another sequel next?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) December 29th, 2014

While at the movies the other day as the trailers ran Hollywood was trying to milk another sequel out of Terminator, and Fast and Furious. When the trailer for Jurassic park started, I knew it right away, talk of a trip, youngsters, the mother saying if anything chases you, run, then a ferry like boat headed somewhere. It is like the season of sequels on the horizon. What other movies do you believe they will try to milk another movie out of, or a few more movies from? If they are going to reach back into the archives to milk another Dumb and Dumber, to me there is hardly anything off limits unless the movie left no room for a sequel.

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Intersteller seems to lend itself to a follow up.

Planet of the Apes perhaps.

I remember seeing a few films over the year where I thought ‘sequel on the way’. I can’t remember which ones they were though.

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^ Planet of the Apes perhaps.
Some years back they did do that of sorts.

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I think the remake is ripe for a remake of the earlier sequel :-)

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None I hope. A good movie is a good movie, leave it be, no need to stretch it any further.

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^ What? You do not want to see another Transformer, or another installment of the Matrix crop up, maybe Mad Max again? ~~

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Harry Potter. Go, JK, go!

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Ridley Scott says he is working on a new sequel to “Blade Runner”.

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Their are rumors of a Harry Potter reboot.

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Saw… I’m still haven’t watched the first one.

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It’s high time they made a fifth Jaws movie. Not related, just saying.

To answer, as you said, no sacred cows. I’m pretty sure even ET will get a remake some day.

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Milk – Sean Penn is said to be keen, although I may have just made this up for shits & giggles.

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There are rumors of a Beetlejuice sequel, as well as Ghost Busters. And Tron (?!?) The world needs more Saw and Resident Evil, it seems.

(We have a plethora of Spider Man movies, how about another?)

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Hollywood is already planning on making:

Cinderella remake
Paranormal Activity 4
Mission: Impossible 5
Beverly Hills Cop 4
Independence Day 2
Transformers 5
Bourne 5
Ice Age 5
King Kong prequel
Toy Story 4
Pirates of the Caribbean 5
Ghostbusters reboot

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The worst remakes of all time were of The Italian Job & Get Carter
The originals are among my favourite movies…leave well alone.

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@filmfann Ridley Scott says he is working on a new sequel to “Blade Runner”.
Oh, let’s pray and hope not. It would be a watered down hatchet job no matter who done it; even Spielberg.

@syz And Tron (?!?)
They did do that one. I have not seen the whole movie but the FX looked impressive enough, I am not sure about the story, did not see enough.

@rockfan Independence Day 2
Oh, jolly, _”Independence Day: The Tentacle Men strikes back. ~~~

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I heard rumors of a Bill and Ted sequel.

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@talljasperman The first one wasn’t even that good

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