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Who gives a shit about Fluther?

Asked by ibstubro (18770points) December 29th, 2014


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For fuck’s sake.

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Oh boy.

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I like the people here and I would probably lose contact with most of them if the site closed. I also like the community feel and some of the discussions that happen in the question threads. I haven’t found another site quite like it.

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I love this site more than drunken karaoke.

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I do. It is my passion and it validates my existence.

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I gets me sum poon tang up in this bitch.

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I do. Because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be here.

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I do because Fluther is a great place to get help if I have a problem. And that is regardless of the problem, be it technological, social, heck I’ve even seen moral questions on here.

Not to mention, the people here are for the most part, awesome people. On any other forum, if you ask an obvious question, you’d get a sarcastic or “you are stupid” style response. Not here. I have seen one or two like that, but they are the exception… Not the rule.

The only thing that annoys me is the moderation team’s strict spelling standards… I mean, I had a question disabled the other day for having “it’s” instead of “its”... But honestly, I think I can live with that if it means they’ve created an awesome community.

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I do.

I love Fluther. Jellies are kinder than most of the internet, I’ve found some friends here, I’ve gotten answers when I thought there were none, I love learning new things, and I have fun.

I’m sorry the same isn’t true for you anymore.

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I am wondering if you could try typing other letters into your browser of choice – anything other than “”. It is fairly easy. You could start with something to ease the transition, like “” or “”. And then eventually you could move on to something radically different without in the url at all. Good luck!

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Everyone answering you! As to why? Who gives a shit why?

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My arse is the vehicle of Fluther, my shit, its fuel…I just had a curry.
Gentlemen, start your engines!!

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I love Fluther. It’s a major part of my online time, along with Facebook. I’ve been around here since 2007 so I’ve seen the site grow and then shrink. I consider a bunch of people here to be friends, even though some I’ve never met, probably will never meet and don’t know their real names.

I used to spend considerable time in the mornings monitoring and flagging spam. It really used to bother me when spammers came here to use Fluther to advertise their crap. Some rude (in my opinion) pm’s from one of the mods made me say fuck the spam, let it sit here and rot the site. What really irked me was when I asked someone else who did the same flagging I did if he or she got rude pm’s from any mod about it and he or she said no. I think of people who flag it as doing a service to the site and my days of doing that service are done.

It also bothers me that they say now “issues about moderation should be sent to the mods.” I think it would be more democratic to put it out on a thread for public discussion, however it’s not my site.

I love how a lot of us are in touch on FB. I love how the group on FB is not modded and we can say what we want on it. I love how through FB or other social networking we can be in touch forever, should something happen to Fluther itself. It’s like FB adds another dimension to our time here on Fluther.

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Milo here; I and my other fellow devolvers care a lot. We really, basically, actually kind of do.

Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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I do I like reading other peoples opinions whether I agree with them or not.

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Are you looking for a show of hands? I will see what I can do if I can ever get a hand free combing my lawn.

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This crowded theatre sure is awesome. It’s a good thing it’s not on FIRE or anything.

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You, based on how much you post about it.

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I enjoy my daily visit here even if I don’t contribute every day. I would miss checking in every day if it ceased to exist and that’s why I care.

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Fluther has to my mind brought a lot of comfort to lonely people, it’s also been a great place for debate, a place where connections were made, people cared about each other (to a degree), so yes I care about fluther. Like someone said here, everything runs its course. Perhaps that where fluther is going, since there are a few questions along this line, if so that is sad, but then we all move on. Fluther admittedly has very few active members now so probably for many that are here a lot, it has become pointless?

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@ibstubro What is your problem?

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I worked with a guy years ago who would stop by my cube many times per day, pull up a chair and tell me how our workplace was a nightmare of gossip, negativity, and politics. I quickly learned that he was correct – except he was mostly just describing his own behavior – all of his gossip, negativity, and politics.

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Are you seriously asking us whether our daily fix, the love of our life is worth a dirty piece of fecal matter?

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I owe a lot to this siteā€¦

Love my friends here!

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I can copy and paste some of the incredibly enlightening opinions from around the internet if you’d like lol.

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I do. I came for the food and stayed for the fun and camaraderie.

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Clearly I do, since I keep crawling back. But no, my formative teenage years cannot be separated from Fluther and I made some of the best friends of my life here and travelled because of it. I will always give a shit about it in one sense or another, even if I’m not around anymore.

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hahahahahaha, GQ. Finally something interesting!

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@dappled_leaves wins the prize for fast and furious negativity.
@hominid a close second.
@janbb gets a surprising 3rd place.

To all the rest, thanks for answering the question, and GA to all! I would have never believed that so poisonous opening could have still generated so many great, heartfelt answers.

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I’m so glad we are now being rated and awarded prizes. I’ll have to be careful about which competitions I want to enter from now on.

And yet – looking at my GAs for that answer, I wonder who was being the most negative here or if there was a problem with the question as posed.

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@janbb – I’d just like to congratulate you on your acccomplishment. But we both need to step up our game, however, if we have any hope of taking gold next time.

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@hominid Ooh! Ooh! PMing you my mailing address. Will wear it with pride.

And your (close) second place prize is in the mail even as we speak.

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I am not suppose to say, but the revolver is hidden behind the toilet, the shotgun is in the heating duct, the Uzi is hid in the back of the closet, and the Glock is hid in the dishwasher, what you do with them is your business, but the cleaning supplies are under the sink, wipe up any blood and mess you make, please. ~~

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You are very generous, @ibstubro, but we all know the prize resides with you for your outstandingly negative question.

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“It is easier to avoid the effects of others’ negativity when we question if an action or attitude is appropriately directed at us. If it isn’t, we can choose to sidestep it and let it pass.”
-Sue Patton Theole

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