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Based off the very visceral reactions to about a computer generated image in a recent thread, how freaked out would some of those people be about Manga and Dark Anime?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) December 30th, 2014

Based off the visceral and venomous reaction to this image, how would many of them feel about Dark Anime and Manga which has subjects far rawer, and graphic than that?

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I have seen only a small amount of Manga and Anime, so I cannot speak from deep experience.

But not matter what, I will be consistent with what I wrote tn that discussion. Art is inherently subjective. It has to be. I may not like it (for example, I’m not a big fan of Cubism) but it’s certainly not my place to decide what others can and cannot see.

As far as imputing pornography or other attributes to a picture—it’s the viewer that is doing that, not the artist. In the other conversation, the OP wanted it to be pornographic to make her point.

The bottom line for me: censorship is far worse than being exposed to a picture I don’t like.

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Hahaha. It’s funny. Right?

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Well, if you thought the previous comments were ludicrous…

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Make them watch a normal fanservice/harem anime.
Their heads would explode.

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I imagine some folks would lose their minds.

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Surely they’d have to take their heads out of their arses first to view anything except the shite they spew.

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@ragingloli Make them watch a normal fanservice/harem anime.
That is equal to warm, flat, root beer compared to some stuff out there. :-\

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