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What makes you think someone wants to be friends with everyone?

Asked by AnonymousWoman (6523points) December 30th, 2014

And if you have this impression of someone, is it a good one or a bad one on your end?

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Depends on the scope. Do they so desperately want to be your friend that they get offended if you offer them pizza or beer if they offer to help you move. Or will the smoke crack for the first time because everyone else is?

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I don’t understand this question. What makes me think someone is a friendly person? What makes me think a certain person wants to be friends with every person that they meet?

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I think it’s a negative impression. I know I can’t be friends with everyone. If I express my personality it’s not going to mesh with everyone else’s personality. And I don’t want to be around someone with absolutely no personality. I’d rather be around someone I think is a dick rather than Casper Milquetoast. At least the dick will make me laugh at times.

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Maybe I should have said “If applicable”. Sorry.

I got accused of wanting to be friends of everyone, and it seemed like it was said in a negative tone.

I don’t want to be friends with everyone, though. But I do prefer to be on good terms with people.

Just wanted to know if I was reading too much into it.

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It seems similar to someone who tries to please everyone, which is a negative in my experience. In my personal experience, trying to hard to be liked by others is a sign of being insecure, and often leads to that person being used like a doormat.

The reality of life is that we can not be everything to everyone – there will be people,regular decent people, who just rub us the wrong way for some unknown reason, as well as the people who are impossible to please. Expecting others to treat us with the same kindness and respect that we offer them, and not tolerating anything less, takes a certain degree of personal integrity. I didn’t get there until I was in my 40s.

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