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Would you like to join me in New Years party bash?

Asked by Coloma (47105points) December 31st, 2014

We’re throwing a New Years fiesta here at the ranch tonight and you’re all invited!
A mexican fiesta menu of Carnitas, Chili and Enchiladas, put on your party clothes and tell me what you’ll be bringing to the Ponderosa!

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Some pure Canadian Glacier ice, and some Canadian made Vodka.

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Who wants pizzas?

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^^^ Both sound great! Don’t forget to dress warmly, it’s damn cold here in these hills.
@Mimishu1995 Bring corn soup too!

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Oh thanks for the invite. I will bring ingredients for various kinds of Daiquri’s.

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How perfect. I happen to be making quesadillas tonight, and more rum balls. It’s 14°F here, so I’m already dressed for the cold. Will you be sending a jet for the Blonds? ;)

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@Coloma I could probably make it by 10, I make a mean guacamole. With blue corn tortilla chips.

Will you kiss me at midnight?

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@prairierose Oooh Daiquris!
@jonsblond The blonde lear jet is fueling up just for you two!
@zenvelo Well damn, I am sure I could fall in love with your guacamole and blue chip (s). ;-)
Bring mistletoe, we can sneak down to the barn and roll around in the hay under the horse blankets. hahaha ( I thought you were on your way to CO. to see your new flame? )

Okay…off to feed the chickens and let the geese out of the barn, I’ll be checking back for more party action in a bit.

Chili prepped and ready to crank up the crockpot now!

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I will be bringing condor eggs and porcupine liver.

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I’m bringing a cheese tray of Buttery Brie, Stilton Blue and Jersey Girl Raw Colby with a sliced Vive Baguette anda sprinkle of dried cherries and apricots.

And a big bottle of Manischewitz White Concorde.

Specific enough?

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@Symbeline and the zombie donors of both too right?
@LuckyGuy Oh man, the stinky cheese guy wins my affections. eating my babgal now before I go for round 3 so far this morning.haha

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Of course. :D

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I won’t be bringing anything, only myself. Sounds like I’ll have enough to feed off of for awhile.

I won’t promise the Vampsisters will behave though.

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@Mastema Just keep your fangs away from my pets or I shall have to drive a stake through your heart. lol

Mastema's avatar

I’m not interested in biting your pets. I may become interested in making you a pet however.

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@Mastema I think you should pair up with @Symbeline Vampires and Zombies should be a good blend.

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Zombies are retarded Vampires. Not a good match.

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Prosecco (bubbly for drinking) and chestnuts for roasting.

Thanks for the invite!

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Oh man! I wish I could really be there!

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Here with whatever you all order! Hopefully it will be a good year!

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2:35 pm on the west coast. Whew..I am whipped already. Chili simmering away, carnitas too, just finished making a giant bowl of home made cole slaw, dozens of colorful frosted cupcakes, hoping there will be enough room for any leftovers in the fridge. Still need to clean the extra bathrooms and shower. I think I’ll mkae the launch time. Here’s a song to kick off the party….

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I’ll be with people but my watch just turned the hour so it’s a new year somewhere right now. Happy New Year Iceland or whoever’s 5 hours ahead of me!

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Cheers to those countries where the ball has already dropped.
4:15 here now, out of the shower and starving! I will never make it til dinner, where’s the beer and chips and dip? I’ll be ripped by 7 of I start now. lol

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I’ll be bringing some seedless, organically-grown ingredients for your brownies. ;-)

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I’ll be there.

Bringing wedges again.

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New Year has already come here, but I’ll wait to cheer for the US’s New Year this noon.

And this corn soup bowl took so long to prepare :p

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Happy New year @Mimishu1995
7:22 now, mingling and drinking and running into my secret room to say “Hi” jellies.
Now, back to the party, 3 Coronas in so far and the last guests just arrived, dinner buffet laid out.

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Happy New Year! XOXOX!

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I think it’s time.


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Still 8 minutes to go.

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I spent new year eve with family & friends drinking & being merry, real world fun y’know :D

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! jellies!
9;20 am here, oh what a night…. haha
Having a do over party with a few neighbors to finish off the leftovers today. I am still in a serious fog.

I am not getting out of my PJ’s until noon. :-p

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