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Will the last question asked on Fluther this year end up as venom filled, malice laden, slap down, or will it be an enlightened question earning a Jules Verne?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) December 31st, 2014

Seeing the way certain questions have gone this year, will the last question asked here be a bust, or a boon, basically?

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I hope it’s an enlightened question about Jules Verne. Let’s work towards that.

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Not every disagreement is a venom-filled, malice-laden slapdown. And though some pointed questions seem to be written from the point of view of someone with a chip on his shoulder, whether deserved or not, there aren’t a lot of questions that I could ever call “enlightened”.

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We’re in 2015 already where I am. Not too much venom in the questions being posed that I can see.

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And we missed the Jules Verne question deadline! Damn.

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someone on the west coast still has a chance @dappled_leaves!

It may be up to you @Hypocrisy_Central

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No one should even remotely care, gone in an instant.

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Can a question earn a Jules Verne?

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Last question in which time zone?

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First we need to determine what the last Q. of 2014 actually was. I’m not into researching but feel free whoever. lol
I only bare my fangs when other vipers start rattling my basket.
I am a charming Cobra but will spit if provoked. ssssssss

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@Coloma I’m more interested in the first question of 2015.

Here’s the last one of 2014.

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@longgone Arrrr! Truth be told, he’s seeking a Sunken Treasure.


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^ Yep, exactly.

Don’t “arr” me. I’m practically a pirate…my full name is longgone silver ;)

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^^ Rats, a question I totally passed up and have no desire to go back to…..

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