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What did you think of 'Gone Girl' [Possible spoilers, of course]?

Asked by Mariah (25863points) December 31st, 2014

I just watched it. Maybe the book is better than the movie, though I don’t have much hope since the author of the book wrote the screenplay.

I found it horribly misogynistic and was left feeling angry. Last thing I need in my life is a book/movie by a female author whose ultimate message is ‘bitches be crazy.’ I might just be overthinking it though…

What’d you think?

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So…...If the male was the antagonist it would be ok? There’s always going to be an antagonist in any book or movie. There are so many other things to take from the movie, what you mentioned didn’t even come into my head until I just read what you thought.

Although the author used an extreme example, I thought some themes were toxic relationships, misguided witchhunting and the medias part in exacerbating it, the importance of trust etc.

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It was the depiction of false rape allegations, which are extremely uncommon but made into a big deal when they do happen, such that rape victims nowadays are treated with skepticism first and compassion second, that got to me the most.

Antagonists of any gender are fine. Antagonists that reinforce common societal misconceptions grind my gears.

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@Mariah It’s a media outlet, all they do is reinforce social misconceptions. In some cases, as with science fiction, we are literally using the medium to explore these ideas because they can’t be brought up in any other sphere without someone getting offended.

Do you remember The Sopranos? Regarded as a masterpiece and one of the best TV series to date? This same series was reprimanded for reinforcing stereotypes about the mafia and Italian-Americans.

It’s going to happen with pretty much any movie…..

Tyler Perry’s movies upset the black community.

The Harry Potter series upset some parts of the religious community.

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But yeah, I did like the movie lol. Due to its suspense, not due to the message.

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I thought it was an amazing movie

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Yeah I get that not every piece of fiction needs to promote messages that I find appealing, lol. I get that. The feminist in me just still finds it unfortunate to see this kind of stuff, especially when we’re up against the developing red pill counterculture and all that shit.

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I suppose you would have preferred the “all men are rapists” message.

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Nope I don’t find that a productive message either, nice assumption though.

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I understand your complaint, but I really liked the movie and I liked the twist, since it wasn’t expected that she would be the “villain”. Ever seen “Rebecca”? It kinda has a similar type of resolution where the seemingly innocent woman turns out to be a sex-crazed villain. Also written by a woman.

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Didn’t see the movie but I thought the book was awful.

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^^ So did I.

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I was horrified by both of them (the wife and the husband). Very unsettling.

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Reading the book, I couldn’t decide whether it was sexist or revolutionary. In the end I think that while the false rape accusation plot point did rub me the wrong way, to have a truly psychopathic genius female ‘villain’ basically was quite refreshing. I saw a quote somewhere mentioning that it’s a rare thing to see a woman washing blood off in the shower that isn’t hers. The book does in fact delve more into her meticulous masterminding, and explains better than the movie how the guy turns out to be pretty fucked up too, so the message is more of a bitches and dudes be crazy, and these two crazy fuckers can’t live without each other.

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