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Do you have a "miracle" of 2014?

Asked by syz (35649points) January 2nd, 2015

New Years Eve day we had a 17 week old Papillon puppy come in to our hospital. She had fallen onto a knitting needle and pierced her heart. As it turns out, the best treatment was to merely remove the pin from her heart (and chest) and she did just fine.

Did you have a good medical experience in 2014?
Happy New Year!

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My little white chinese goose “Sonora” ( est. to be around 10 maybe ) who suffered a badly fractured leg that was never treated and lost an eye to a fish hook when he was pulled out of a lake back in 2008 is now doing very well.
He has been on daily Metacam this year for his stiff and crippled leg, but gets around quite well inspite of his disabilities. We pill him every morning around 7 and leave him in the cozy duck and goose barn in his lovely roomy stall with a huge nest of rice hay and then when his meds kick in for a couple hours he comes out to float in his pool in the sunshine all afternoon. He’s a real little trooper that has overcome a lot, abandonment, blindness and a crippling injury, he is so loving and presses up against you with his wings spread when he wants to be picked up and cuddled.

His is an ongoing miracle of his lucky rescue and we love him dearly.
As far as 2015…well…just yesterday a huge Bald eagle swooped past me on the deck, serious wind sheer effect and swooped down on our big pasture after a flock of Canada geese. They were about 25 yards from our pond and they all frantically hit the water and the Eagle did another fly by and disappeared. Just to be safe I put up the ducks and geese out in the yard as we also have an old crippled Pekin Duck “Fonzie” that doesn’t move very fast.
This Eagle was amazing though, just glad he didn’t nab one of our birds. haha

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I’m rather fond of 2014 for being….drumroll please… first year without a hospitalization since 2006! WOO HOO :D

I had a period of a month or so in the fall where my body started misbehaving pretty badly, and that really scared me into thinking I might end up needing another surgery, but I got it under control with no drastic measures, so that also felt a bit like a miracle.

Nothing as impressive as your story though. It’s awesome to hear that the little pup was okay :D

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