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What is the scary version of your username?

Asked by Berserker (33548points) January 3rd, 2015

In The Simpsons TV show, whenever they have a Halloween special, they always alter the names in the end credits to something “scary”. For example, Matt Groening, the creator, might change his name to Bat Groening, or Matt Groaning.

Stuff like that. I could alter mine to Sin beline.

You? Nothing fancy, keep a scary theme and have fun with it.

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Warframe zephyr.

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Ermmm…..Mar-DIE-AHHH! xD

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Fuck, you guys are awesome. These answers are making me smile. :D

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It’s the best I got right now.

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Lol, nice.

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Brianstein, Briacula, or Brizilla!

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ucme…standing over ya twitching corpse fake masturbating with ya torn out spine :D

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Talias sperm.

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@ucme That gave me a boner.

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@Symbeline Happy to oblige

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@talljasperman I believe it to be biologically unsound, the idea that a spinal column could ejaculate, hence…fake it.

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Uhm… MafiaShoujo1995?

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real answer: jonsblood

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Colona cancer

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Cookie Monster
nah, he’s not scary

Cookie Mangler

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Cookie Molestor

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Bad Karma Mom is gonna git ya!

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^ Also, Kardamummy ;)

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ucmeCommunity Manager mwahhhhhh!!

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Tremendous Ogre

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^^ Ha! The Vampires would love that!

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Fast and Furious

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SharkPachy or DinoPach

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mooopetish sounds more like a cow than a ghost. Ghost cow?
monsterish sounds kind of cute to me.

I tried!

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^ johnpowell.dll would be terrifying too.

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Bone-me 138. Or. Blow Me on first Date. :)

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@Only138 Do you still have that shirt?

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@Symbeline. Yes, I still have it. I love it.

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