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Is it okay for you to be bleeding 9 hours straight after getting all your wisdom teeth removed?

Asked by Palindrome (1084points) July 12th, 2008

i need help…cause i just got all four of my wisdom teeth removed this morning around 11 AM…and its now 8:10 and it wont stop bleeding….its keeps bleeding…ive tryd to put pressure but it wont help…ive tryed the tea bag thing…wont help…and it is reallly hurting bad!!

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Call you dentist’s service right away.

How much blood have you lost? You may have to go to the emergency room if you cannot reach anyone. Nine hours is too long.

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Is the blood flowing, or oozing?

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Bleeding is expected post operatively and can continue up to 10 hours after any procedure. Even a little blood seems like a lot in the mouth due to a mixture with saliva. Saliva can increase what appears to be high concentrations of blood by 10 times.

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My sister had her wisdom teeth removed last week and hers bled for ages afterwards. They did get infected though, I would recommend just ringing up the dentist and asking.

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When I had mine done, the oral surgeon said bleeding would continue for several days, but cold water soaked black tea bags on the wounds would help immensely with the bleeding and the pain. They worked for me (and I had all four done at once!) as well as everyone I’ve ever recommended it to. Just dampen the tea bags and pack them in on top of the wounds… change them when they become uncomfortable. (Usually one per side is a good place to start.)

It really does work, sounds strange, but very effective. It can be any kind of black tea, herbal and green won’t work the same.

Feel Better!

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Brutal, I’m going to have to get mine taken out soon.

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Get to the dentist right now. I had a tooth removed and they ripped a vain. I was bleeding like you are now. They had to go in and stitch things back up to stop the bleeding.

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Both my kids had all theirs removed when they were still in Jr High. Not too much bleeding – just rubber-legged from the anesthaesia. Our dentist sent us to an oral surgeon, which was very reassuring.

Your condition sounds alarming. Is there someone to help or drive you to an ER?

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This was asked six hours ago! Are you okay? What’d you end up doing?

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When I had mine removed I could taste blood for months. And it was a couple of years before those mushy holes that are left behind filled in. Sorry :-)

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@Jbor Yes, definitely a TMI response.

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Thanks for the answers, i really appreciate it!
well for all yall who wanted to know…its day two and when i woke up i felt it bleed just a little bit more…
I feel wayyy better from when i did yesterday because i mean when i saw myself in the mirror last night, my face was so pale, i looked like a ghost. I got real dizzy and lightheaded also.

P.S- by the time i was getting worried it was bleeding so much, the dentist’s office was closed (it was like 4 pm), they’re also closed today (Sunday) so i just waited everything out. And the pain is still here, i was afraid i had/have a dry socket.
But im going to try and call tomorrow!

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Why was my answer removed? It was hardly that bad, just a joke (If you are still alive stay away from the light)

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9 hours of bleeding? Woody Allen, move over.

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Here’s the dealio. The dentist should’ve given you a 24-hour emergency contact number, because a similar thing happened to me.

I won’t like, this is going to be graphic.

After about 5 days of sitting back, sucking liquid hydrocodone, I felt very… unsatisfied. I began to “work on myself”... sucking down “fluid” in my mouth that I had thought was saliva. After I finished, I was like “I can’t believe I’m drooling this much” and leaned over to wipe my mouth with my hand… and it was red. Very red.

I realized that for the past half hour or so, I was freely drinking blood. Yeah… heart rate went up during the “activity” and that apparently found its way through the wisdom teeth gashes. I went to the bathroom and could literally “full spit” blood from my mouth every five seconds (like when you come up from under the pool and spit out water) for around an hour.

I called the number, pretty panicked, and they had me use ice chips and water… to hold it in my mouth and spit as needed. After about 6 minutes, the cold temperature basically “closed the wounds”. I kept it up for 20 minutes or so, just to be sure.

I took it very easy for the next few days… and I hope you will too. Bed rest, my man…

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