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Who is spoiling for a fight?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) January 4th, 2015

Lately it appears there cannot be a thread, serious ones not the fluffy games, where someone seems to be taking digs, cut, or slights at another Flutheronian. Are there Flutheronians that are just spoiling for a fight, and the context or subject of the question has little importance than a catalyst for them to squabble with another Flutheronian that has a different to very different from theirs?

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Can it be a food fight?

Seriously, I must have missed this thing you have perceived. People seem to be getting along rather nicely lately.

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If anything, it seems lately to be less hostility floating around this site.

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Glad I missed those threads! I’ve been in some pretty interesting discussions lately.

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I have noticed it and I am probably partially to blame for it. The holidays just put me in a massively pissy mood. Now that I can go 10 months without any forced family interaction I should be in a better mood.

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I think its improved lately, but there are bound to be some floating pissants poised to strike with their empty gestures, that’s just the way of things.

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Seems pretty tame to me lately.

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Compared to the days of everyone arguing over whether there is a God or not, this is nothing.

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Just wait until it’s an election year.~

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At least no one calls anyone by nasty names yet.

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Is that a challenge? :-)

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@Mimishu1995 At least no one calls anyone by nasty names yet.
Unless you are quick, you won’t see it, those types of things usually get zapped fairly fast.

@ucme It seems you are @Hypocrisy_Central
Really? Should I care to do that, I know what buttons to push, it isn’t that hard. Maybe I am the only one that sees it and others are comfortable with the snide remarks I see, but I know what I see for me; it may be different to you. After all, most of it is perception anyhow.

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No @Hypocrisy_Central, you failed to give my answer any lurve is what I was referring to, now do it or i’ll smash ya fuckin face in :D

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^ We have to enter Thunderdome, we both enter, whoever leaves first, get the lurve. Har har,

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I have no desire to enter Tina Turner’s “nutbush”...once in, there’s no way out!

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You’re not witnessing anything special, nowt exclusive to your mindset. That shit has been evident here for fucking years. So boring & tedious that it passes by largely unnoticed now, at least to me, become immune to the miserable whining fuckers.
So yeah, move on & forget about it, for it is a quest which will mark you out as even more idiotic :D

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I think you are consistently looking for unpleasantness where none exists, @Hypocrisy_Central.

“Maybe I am the only one that sees it…” pretty much nails it. You seem to be one of the few left actively looking for a slight.

You’re the only one I can think of that can’t even consistently play nice on the “fluffy games” questions. I mean, really, how much more petty can you get?

After all, your question is about pettyness and the purveyors thereof.

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Remember when /b/ was good?

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Maaaan, I had this dream last night where I got kicked out of Fluther, and the person who did it also said I wasn’t allowed any pillows. If that happened for real, I’d be looking for a scrap for sure.

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@ibstubro You’re the only one I can think of that can’t even consistently play nice on the “fluffy games” questions. I mean, really, how much more petty can you get?
Well, I was about to let that soliloquy pass as the wind, but if one is going to attempt to call me petty I have to point out the larger glass windows in the larger houses. There may be petty people but I am not one of them, you might ask those who can’t answers simple questions, unless game questions are the top of their food chain. I play the game with the same flavor questions get asked, at least I am following the rules of the question as oppose to trying to redefine the question or make up my own rules.

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