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Can you freeze fresh green beans?

Asked by Aster (19949points) January 6th, 2015

I got a bag of fresh ones for $2.49 a bag (I thought) but at the register they said that was per pound! It cost around $7 ! Can I freeze half of them?

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I am not a freezer of fresh food specialist but I have had good luck freezing my garden grown beans but I blanch them first. Towel dry them and put in quality freezer ziplocks. You could always can them too!

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Blanch them, dry them and put on a sheet tray in freezer. Bag them after frozen, easier to take out portions, put back in freezer.

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You mean boil them for a minute first? What does that do?

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ok I boiled them for 3 min, put them in ice water, dried them some and put into 2 freezer bags. Thank you so very much.

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From About Food on blanching….

“Giving the green beans a quick blanching in boiling water before freezing them ensures that they will retain great texture and color when you get around to cooking with them.”

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My dad used to freeze beans every year @Aster. As has been suggested, he blanched them and then froze them. They were fine (or as fine as green beans can be). Personally, since he always had a bumper crop of green beans and we then had green beans with EVERYTHING, they are one of my least favourite vegetables. The process works very well though.

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