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Is vegan Spam a worthy goal?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) January 7th, 2015

I mean, WTH?

Why would a person that refuses to eat meat crave something as perverse as Spam?

If you think the above link is an aberration, Google for yourself, or look at the time, effort and materials expended on this.

Hard to credit.

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It looks sort of like scrapple formed in a can. I guess some vegans used to like and still may crave meat. maybe for health reasons or whatever the case they abstain from eating meat but may seek a meat substitute.

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To each one’s own.

Some people like haggis. I don’t understand that one either.

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No. If you want veggies, eat veggies. If you want Spam, have some. You can’t have sweet-and-sour pork without pork, or Spam. Vegan Spam wouldn’t sell in Hawaii, where Spam is a big seller, and it won’t sell anywhere else. Can you say “New Coke?”

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@ibstubro I tried to answer this three or four times, but I can’t think of a way to put the words vegan and spam together. That’s truly an unholy alliance.

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I’ve had some really good tofurky and other meat substitutes. And I guess vegan spam would taste just as good as the real thing if you did it right.

But why? WHY?

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I first heard it briefly mentioned on NPR, @Adirondackwannabe, and thought it was either a humor piece or an aberration. But no, a Google search shows that there are any number of people seeking the “unholy alliance”. In my second link, they guy listed enough ingredients for a 4 course meal!

Once in a while I’ll have a veggie corn-dog or chix patty, @keobooks, but more for ease and variety.
As to Spam, I can only echo:
“But why? WHY?”

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I don’t even eat regular Spam so I sure wouldn’t torture myself with either of those recipes. Unbelievable :)

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My first reaction is yuck. I generally don’t like vegetarian food that is trying to be meat or meat like products. However, I do like the Morningstar garden veggie patties, Italian patties, and sauasage patties. I guess that is sort of similar, but they aren’t pureed like the spam.

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I love the sausage patties, tho I rarely eat them. The chix patties are good too.

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I bought the vegetarian (pseudo-sausage) patties at Costco a month or two. The most charitable thing I can say is that tasted like hockey pucks with a little seasoning.

Synthetic food just doesn’t do it.

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I fed Morningstar Farms veggie sausage patties to a 20yo boy once. He was a twig, and made a point of eating a lot of meat, which he loves. “Damn, that’s some good sausage!”

I had bought an entire case, clearanced, and I fed the patties to a number of people. No one could tell they were not pork.

Last I was at Whole Foods I bought vegetarian sausages (like brats) that were so bad that even I just threw them out. And they were made by Tofurky, a trusted brand. Honestly, I think some long-time vegetarians get so far removed from the real thing that they’ll eat crap that is totally divorced from the traditional concept of “food”. I still buy, prepare and serve meat, so I have a daily acquaintance. And I eat seafood.

I can’t believe the USDA allows restaurant’s to call ‘Krab’, “Crab”!

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@elbanditoroso Were they Morningstar?

@ibstubro I agree many vegetarians get so far removed from what the real thing tastes like they eat things that are horrible. Their tastes change, I shouldn’t say horrible, but it can really be discouraging for someone who is trying to transition to a diet with less meat. It’s why I tend to not like veggie food trying to be meat, I prefer to just eat the vegetables as vegetables. The sausage patties are the only thing I eat regularly-ish that’s like that. The Morningstar other patties I mentioned aren’t trying to be meat.

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I love that the local Subways offer Garden Veggie patties, @JLeslie. It’s nice to have a burger-type sandwich not masquerading as meat once in a while.

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@ibstubro My preference is roasted veggie sandwich, but I agree it is nice to have an option. In my experience most restaurants aren’t using Morningstar and it is a 80/20 crap shoot if I am going to like the veggie burger they are offering. 80 against. I’m a tough customer though, because I am extremely picky about sandwiches. I wasn’t raised eating a lot of sandwiches, I don’t like the typical things that are put on sandwiches in America. I don’t like: mayo, fresh tomatoes, raw onions, butter, pickles, that’s about 80% of what goes on sandwiches here. Some of those things I don’t like at all, some I just don’t like on a sandwich. I also only like cheese on a sandwich if it is melted, but even still I order most sandwiches no cheese. Basically, any sandwich already prepared that I can’t order to my taste is going to have something on it I don’t like. If I can pick it off, fine, if it’s smeared on the bread, I’m screwed. All this leads to a life of not ordering too many sandwiches.

Subway I guess you can put on the sub whatever you want. I don’t like Subway that much, but in a pinch it’s ok.

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Penn Station, @JLeslie.
Artichoke with mushrooms. None of the stuff you don’t like. Delicious.

Which Wich?
You tell them every detail about the sandwich you want. No one to blame but yourself.

Burger King offers Garden Veggie, but around here they put so many condiments on it (ketchup, mustard and mayo, pickles) that it’s inedible.

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I don’t like artichoke. Lol.

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Of course not! ~

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Give me rice on a plate with veggies over a sandwich any day.

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There’s a great chix broth that comes in a jar as paste. Wonderful warm-me-up with rice on a cold day.

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I enjoy a lot of different fake meat products. I used to like Spam, back in the day when I still ate meat. I would totally eat this stuff. The ingredients are things that I eat all the time. It kind of looks like pate. I think most people like pate, even if they say they don’t like Spam.

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Pate is liver, @Kardamom. No?

I know more people that like Spam than like liver.
Just saying.

I think the sodium content required to reach a true Spam-like product would put most Veggies off. I liked Spam, could not handle the salt, if fried. From-the-can I used enough ketchup to cover up even the salt. lol

I recently saw the Tofurky ‘family sized’ stuffed tofu-turkey roll, and found it alarming. Disturbing. It may have put me off fake meat altogether. People constantly ask me, “But what is it made of? To which I reply, “_I don’t want to *know!”

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@ibstubro Yes, Spam does have a lot of sodium. That’s part of why I liked it. I don’t think I’d want that much sodium in a fake Spam product.

Just for conversation’s sake, one of my favorite fake meat products, which I may have for lunch today, is Field Roast Smoked Apple Sage Sausage

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