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What are your recommendations for overlooked and underrated summer movies?

Asked by marinelife (62430points) July 12th, 2008

OK, I have movies on the brain now. I would like to pick a movie that is not a cartoon. Are there any movies with meaning out this summer that are also entertaining (I am not up for being totally bummed out either.)? I have seen Iron Man (ho hum) and Wall E (ho hum), both of which I thought were incredibly overrated by the critics.

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Wall-E and Ironman, ho hum? I thought both were outstanding, especially Wall-E. I’ve heard some good things about Get Smart. Although, I can’t imagine Maxwell Smart being anyone other than Don Adams. Of course you’d need a shovel to have him in the movie.

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Last night, I saw The Fall. Run, don’t walk! It was the most beautiful film I’ve seen in a long time.

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I liked Hancock. I’m excited for The Dark Knight, coming out this week. I thought Ironman was good, but not amazing…and I am yet to see Wall E.

At über; I’m excited for the Wackness as well!

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Warning: This suggestion is coming from the queen of cheese…
I can’t wait to see Mama Mia the movie! Of course, the fact that ABBA were my childhood heros and me loving Greece, even getting married there myself, may be partly why I have such a soft spot for the story. I loved the musical when I saw it in London and I must see the movie!

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For a brillliant film, see The Counterfeiters- Die Fälscher. First Austrian film to win an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Language Film Category.

“The power in this film is that the action and dialogue is understated. We’re not subjected to the full visual horrors of life in the concentration camps yet we feel what it was like nevertheless. The main characters’ problem in reconciling the differences between being incarcerated in a ‘normal’ gaol along with ‘normal’ criminals and their ‘code of conduct’ – and the imprisonment and abuse of ‘normal’ citizens is an ever present theme that is conveyed with complete mastery by the script writer, actors and director. An incredible film of enduring merit. The gaunt features of the actors seemed tailor-made for this instructive entertainment.”

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@wildflower I am a bit of a cheese lover myself and have been eyeing that one.

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Caveat: for an overrated and underlooked film, skip the new Harrison Ford film-unless you want to see a 60-year-old icon really embarrass himself.

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Not technically a summer movie, but if you haven’t seen “The Visitor” and like small, indie films, it was a wonderful one. I also enjoyed “When Did You Last See Your Father” with Colin Firth and Jim Broadbent.

I agree with you about WALL-E – I thought the plot was ultimately unoriginal (think Rocky), although some of the bits were.

I saw Fool’s Gold on a plane and enjoyed it quite a bit as a lark a la Romancing the Stone – think it’s worth renting although it got lousy reviews.

In terms of the reviewers, I usually like Roger Ebert’s take on things, although I often read his reviews after I’ve seen the movie.

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@ TheHaight I liked Hancock too! I read the reviews, and I am glad I went to see it anyway.

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upcoming picks

in addition to the aforementioned The Dark Knight

Tyler Perry’s The Family that Preys
starring Kathy Bates and Alfre Woodard

Mama Mia
starring Meryl Streep and Colin Firth

Step Brothers
starring John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell

and if you haven’t seen it yet,

starring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy

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@mcbealer Thanks for posting this. I love Tyler Perry’s work, and I can’t wait to see his new movie.

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@mcbealer A great list. Thanks.

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I’m very excited for stepbrother! “can we turn our beds into bunkbeds??!” :)

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We saw the trailer for it while watching Hancock. When it was over there was a quiet moment while the next trailer was being set up, and a little boy yuelled out, “Oh man! I wanna see that soooooooo bad!!!” It was so cute and funny, the whole theatre cracked up.

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One more late plug for “Hancock.” I had low hopes for it, but it was far and away better than it should have been. Will Smith can do that. And the concept worked. Worth seeing.

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update Just caught The Dark Knight on IMAX today… an epic. Look for the dedication message at the beginning of the credits :0(

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