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What will it mean for our country if the Republicans give Boehner the boot?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42442points) January 7th, 2015

New poll shows 60% of Republicans want him out, and only 25% want him to stay.

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Well, since they didn’t, the question is moot at this point.

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I think they can kick him out any time.

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Absolutely nothing. The corporate elite controls Congress and no matter who is the Senate Majority leader will just be a Republican Party puppet on the strings of the big donors.

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The “poll” means nothing, he has already been voted in by the Majority. The Rino Republicans still control until they are voted out. Hopefully the newly elected Conservatives just bide their time and wait. Time will tell what this new Congress will do. I just hope they stand up to Obama and send Bill after Bill to his office. Let the public see him reject everything and never compromise. The Pipeline should be the first thing they pass and let the country see what he does.

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Compromise is when the other guy bends to my demands. When I won’t budge I’m sticking to my principals. When the other guy won’t budge he’s refusing to compromise.

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It is only a matter of time until the colonies have drifted so far to the right, that calling them the Fourth Reich is no longer hyperbole.
Also, ‘principles’.

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I can hear the chants now…“get Boehner out!!”
Sounds rather like an evening with a prostitute.

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It wouldn’t make a difference since what they want is basically all the same.

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