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Does it annoy you when a good documentary has a boring narrator?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43577points) January 7th, 2015

Watching Nature. The videography is awesome. The stories are neat. But the gal narrating it is SO boring. She has this soft, pleasant, elevator voice, almost a bedroom voice (so we know who picked HER!) and her diction is perfect. She also injects zero excitement or amazement. Very little inflection and what IS inflected is so forced. Also, it’s like she’s talking to a class of 3th graders. Bleh.

Would that annoy you?

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When George Paige did Nature he was a monotone, but he complimented the amazing videos perfectly. I liked his low key style.

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Since documentaries generally don’t have space ships, laser beams, zombies, Kung fu, extreme violence, or superheroes I don’t watch them.


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For animal documentaries, I like a serene narrator.

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Perhaps the director wanted a subtle verbal narrative so the viewer could experience the visuals and the excitement they may bring on their own merit. Sometimes an exuberant voice over can color the visual experience and not always in a good way.

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My brother used to fall asleep as soon as David Attenborough started speaking. The narrator is a key part of the documentary, but the focus should be on the vision and what’s being said. If the narrator’s voice is overly dramatic, I think that would impinge on my experience. Attenborough has a quiet, peaceful way of presenting, but it works for the content. I don’t know about the woman you’re describing.

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I don’t care, as long as the content is inner ressin’.

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I hate it when documentaries have dramatic and bombastic narrators, as is common in colonial “documentaries”. It just makes me want to punch the guy in the throat so hard he never talks again.

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Yeah I was really annoyed when Sigourney Weaver narrated the American version of Planet Earth. Her voice was way too monotone and unemotional.

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My husband loves those voices. He purposely puts on those shows to take a nap. LOL. I’m serious. He finds the voice soothing.

I usually can’t watch nature shows very long. I don’t like to see the animals harm each other. I like seeing the mamas taking care of their cute little babies, bit my stamina fornit only lasts so long.

I do like history shows, which often have the same type of narrator. I agree if the pace is too slow it can be frustrating, but usually it is ok for me, because I am taking in the visual at the same time. It’s not the same as normal conversation.

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It’s not so much the voice itself, but knowing when to talk & when to shut the fuck up.
The best narrators have that gift & their shows are all the better for it.
#attenborough #olivier #sachs

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Sir David Frederick Attenborough is my favorite narrator. Mom had one of his first books lying about the house in the late 60’s, “The Living Planet,” which I still have. He’s not all emotional but his fascination with the universe comes through naturally when he narrates.
The gal last night reminded me of Lara Logan. I never cared for her. She just seemed more focused on how good looking she was, and which camera angle complimented her, than on the story she was reporting, or the individual she was interviewing. The gal last night seemed more focused on how soft and sexy her voice was, than on the subject she was discussing.

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