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What iPhone/iPod Touch Apps have you downloaded so far?

Asked by speakerhead (253points) July 12th, 2008

Well, now that Apple has finally gotten everything figured out and we can all access the App store, which Apps have you download?

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A bunch of free ones (the only one truly worth mentioning for me is Remote) and I payed for Super Monkey Ball and Aqua Forest. Both apps are really fun, and I’m loving Aqua Forest! Check ‘em out, they’re very fun.

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Remote rocks. It is really cool for scaring family members as they walk by my iMac.

But Save Benjis has already saved me ten bucks on a fast book purchase.

The elephant one looks fantastic with text recognition. No time to play with it yet.

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@Dog- lol. I do that to my friends who come over. I get the loudest song and leave the room and blast it. It’s funnier since I have studio monitor speakers and they are LOUD.

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I bought Super Monkey Ball- nice idea but impossible to control and you look like an idiot waving your phone around! Plus I dropped my iPod Touch playing it so now the metal casing is bent at the top… don’t play and walk over concrete!
I also bought Sketches, which is a neat little app for drawing well, sketches!
I got the Facebook, AIM, New York Times, Twitteriffic and Remote apps for free… I have tried out a few others but deleted them immediately.

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lots of free apps, bought monkey ball, cookie bonus solitaire, enigmo, scrabble, marble mash and just downloaded aqua Forrest!

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All the free ones that seem remotely interesting and flickr. You’d all be crying for me if you saw the selection on the Irish store – it’s sad, really, really sad!

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Why is everyone getting Monkey Ball? Crash Bandicoot or Moto Racer look way better.

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Phone Saber and Hold Button. haha. Phone saber is teh awesome.

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@spargett: I agree with the Monkey Ball- waste of my $12.99, Crash Bandicoot on the other hand is awesome, plus you can adjust the accelerometer sensitivity in it which is a big plus!

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Why did you pay $12.99 for Super Monkey Ball? It only cost me $9.99.

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I’m looking into Crash Bandicoot racing, I just finished Super Monkey ball, love everything about it, not to sensitive, set up just right, love the music and sounds etc.

Gameplay is a bit short for $10 though.

I just can’t wait i’m far to impatient for all the good games to come out.

that and some people need to rethink prices, $10 is a little much for most of these games, I’ll pay 6$, but $10 is hard…

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Here are a few of my early favorites…
Productivity: YPmoblie
Utilities: Google Mobile App
Reference: Cocktails, Dial Zero
Entertainment: Remote, Urbanspoon
Games: Aqua Forest, Super Monkey Ball, Crash Bandicott, Bejewled 2
Music: Shazam
In my world “Remote” is the hands down winner… I’ll use it everyday.

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@Eambos: I paid $12.99 because apparently the Australian and US currencies are that far apart… Apple have been using the same pricing difference model for 10 years and we’re sick of being screwed over by their currency wizardry!

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Aurora Feint, Tips,, Zenbe Lists, Remote, Twinkle, MySpace, Sudoku Unlimited, NetNewsWire, Google, Pandora, Urbanspoon, Shazam, Trism, Mobile Banking (Bank of America), and some others… I’ve tested out several that I’ve since deleted

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- Remote
– 1password
– eBay
– BofA
– MonkeyBall
– PopCap Bejeweled
– MyEyesOnly (very nice!)
– PayPal
– IQ Boost

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