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Does super monkey balls work on the old iPhone?

Asked by cartmankid (50points) July 12th, 2008 from iPhone

I realized just before purchasing super monkey balls that the old iphone can not completly rotate 360 degrees. This could keen that the accellometer ( or whatever it is ) might not work properly with the old iPhone. Has anyone downloaded the game and has it worked with the old iPhone?

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Heh…I think it’s Super Monkey Ball.
Super Monkey Balls has an entirely different meaning.

Images of the president on Viagra come to mind.

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yeah sorry about but haha yeah now that I think about I get the same image.

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Works fine for me. The accelerometer is exactly the same in the iPhone and the iPhone 3G.

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I heard that they out more sensors in the iPhone to help the accelerometer. I’ll look for a link.

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Never mind, that was the extra proximity sensor.

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Don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to play with any monkey’s balls, super or not.

I know you’ve been corrected, but I couldn’t resist. Sorry. :)

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I have it on an old iphone, and haven’t seen s g3, and it works fine.

Word to the wise though, not really worth ten dollars.

Just find some one else who’s downloaded it and play it on their phone for ten seconds so you can be like, “Wow, my phone can do that?” Because that’s all you’ll be doing with it on your phone.

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The accelerometer is the same in ipod touch, iphone first gen, and iphone 3G. They are all the same 3 axis accelerometer based inside, nothing has changed.

I got super monkey balls; was hesitant about the $10 but it’s almost worth it, it’s a fun game, but definitely needs more levels. Beat the game (almost, last level is freaking ridiculous) But I mean I haven’t found anything else I don’t like about it. I thought about crash bandicoot, but it only has like 7 tracks or something like that, and the only time you can race against AI is in cup mode, only single player choose your track is time trials, it’s just missing a few features to be 10$ plus it has FPS issues.

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