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People who are currently in frigid areas of the country: Do you see the appeal of living down South and have you ever considered it?

Asked by jca (36043points) January 10th, 2015

I am in the southern part of NY and it’s currently in the single digits here at present. As I get older, I find it harder to tolerate the cold.

I am not planning to move in any near future decade or so, as I have my family in this area, a good job in this area and we live in a great school district. However, I am seeing the appeal of living in a warmer area and I wouldn’t rule it out for retirement age.

If you are currently in a frigid area, have you ever pondered the appeal of living in a warmer area of the country? Would you consider it? Why or why not?

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I’ve thought about it, but I prefer the cold over the heat. My ideal situation would be having two homes, one in the north for the summer months and in the south (though not too far south) for the winter months.

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I’ve thought about moving but stay here for a number reasons. I’m a healthy, active guy living in a area with many available resources. I have the ability to control my environment no matter how cold it gets. I can burn wood in the stoves. I have water in a well that has never run out. I live at an altitude high enough and so far away from the ocean I never need to worry about floods, hurricanes, and sea level rising. Even nearby Lake Ontario, at an elevation of ~80 meters, 250 ft., is insensitive sea level change.
The inhospitable climate acts a filter. You don’t find many people hanging around not working. We’re a hardy lot and I intend to be a part of it as long as I can.

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@LuckyGuy: That’s a good point about people hanging around not working. Times I’ve been to Florida, I see a lot of “transient types.”

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It’s been frigid here in Atlanta this pastw eek. Lows between 12–15, highs around 32.

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I spent the first 20 years of my life in Las Vegas and California and the past 20 years living in Illinois. I have no desire to move back to a warmer climate. I like the change of seasons and I enjoy the beauty of the snow.

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@jca I wonder if that’s why our crime rate is the lowest in the country

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Assuming you mean the American South, no, never. I have no interest in living in a religious, conservative stronghold.

I like the change of seasons. I am no more comfortable when/where it’s exceptionally hot than I am when/where it’s exceptionally cold.

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I could never live in the Bible Belt states of the American south because of the oppressive social norms there. In the past, I did find myself thinking seriously about Tucson as a place to live at one time. However, given the bizarre politics plaguing Arizona these days, that idea is out.

If I could move to a warmer locale, Hilo, Hawaii is probably the place I would look at the closest. (California is out: too many people, no water.)

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We live in a “religious, conservative stronghold” where there are alcoholics and people social drinking everywhere. I don’t get the “stronghold” thing. These are the most friendly, welcoming , loving people I’ve ever been around and I’ve lived from New Jersey to East Texas. I’ve re-visited the NE and was horrified at the rude and obnoxious people and drivers. No conservatism there I guess. High crime rate too.
Anyway, I guess it being in the thirties everyday with no snow wouldn’t be considered frigid. Unless you go to your mailbox. I’d like to live somewhere with perfect summers. The winters and four seasons here are nice but from June to September it’s suffocatingly hot. I think I’d love to be back in south Jersey with their ice and snow and overcrowded conditions because , for me, it isn’t the weather that is as important as being with friends and family. And all my old friends still live there and I’d love to be around them. Besides; I miss the hoagies.

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@Aster I hope you don’t consider Western NY, the NE. People here are friendly, the driving is polite, and the crime rate extremely low. Seriously, it is one of the lowest (if not the lowest) in the country for towns with populations above 75,000. The band from Greece NY (near Rochester) to Amherst NY near Buffalo is a different world. When I have friend over they can’t believe how nice the drivers are. If you put on your turn signal cars will slow down to let you in! I was in the NY NJ area a little while ago and the people were so rude I was appalled.
Taxes are high here but property values are quite low. A quick search on Zillow or Trulia will show you what you can expect to get for not too much money.
The summers here are beautiful. We have the Finger Lakes, wineries, culture, Lake Ontario, fantastic birds.
The only downside to this area is the cold and snow from Nov to early March – and that can be an asset if you like winter activities.

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I do not, I would be miserable living where there is no snow, or barely any, ugh. I enjoy the snow and the cold. Vive le Quebec, tabarnak!

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@LuckyGuy no; I don’t consider Western NY the NE. I’ve never been to New York but I know that winters in Buffalo are unacceptable to me.
As far as homes are concerned I have found that many homes from Michigan to New Jersey don’t have enclosed garages and tend to be old with frame exteriors. One thing I can say about Texas is our real estate here is very reasonable, everyone has central air, enclosed garages and solid brick exteriors are the norm . I think upper twenties at night for weeks on end is cold enough. All the flat land isn’t to my liking, though nor are the summers.

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I’ve lived around Lake Michigan for most of my life. And I lived in Los Angeles for 5 years. And spent half my time there for a few other years.

I love both places.

But the South is too hot for me. I spent a summer in New Orleans. (In LA I was near the ocean and didn’t need an air conditioner.)

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No. I like winter. I would move to the mountains if I could.

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No, I like the different seasons and really don’t mind cold weather, it is rather refreshing to me and helps keep me energized.

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Word up, snowbacks, if you’re tempted to move to the southwest:

Los Angeles is nicknamed Hell A for a reason: ubiquitous gang activity; no water; fires all over the place; and out of control, substance-abusing celebrity drivers!

If your ride isn’t jacked at the next intersection or getting a lead shower by one the many road-rage warriors surrounding you, you’ll get run over by either Lindsay Lohan or a 100-MPH fire truck on its way yet another wildfire!

Enjoy your aqueous, crime-free tundras.

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@Brian1946 Enjoy your aqueous, crime-free tundras

Whoa, there now. Crime free? I’m in Chicago.

Let’s not get libelous!

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I live in South Carolina and it got down to single digits last week. Florida was still warm, but not all Southerners missed out on the frigid weather.

I lived in Chicago as a child and always hated South Carolina summers, preferring cold temps over hot. That’s beginning to change. I hate being cold, I hate snow, and I’d honestly prefer our scorching summers to northern winters.

It’s interesting to hear how oppressive people think it is to live in the south when they’ve never done so. Sure, it’s the Bible Belt and we’ve got a lot of religious folks, but it’s not as if we still have separate water fountains or Klan members running around lynching homosexuals. I’m not religious and I do just fine down here. Bible thumpers are just a minor annoyance to daily living at best.

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@livelaughlove21 Bible thumpers are just a minor annoyance to daily living at best.”

Just so. I suspect my tolerance levels are lower than yours. I live in a place where this is never an annoyance. Why would I choose to make it a daily one? ;)

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@dappled_leaves There are downsides about living anywhere. And I seriously doubt you have more patience with people than I do. I have next to none. Just about everything about other people annoys me. Religious fanaticism is just one.

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I’ve lived along the east and southeast coast for the past ten years and I need a break from it.

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I’d love to live in the South! But I have these pesky children and grandchildren that I can’t live without so it ain’t gonna happen.

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