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Do you eat fried liver and onions and are they good for us?

Asked by Aster (19949points) January 10th, 2015

I’d vomit at even the odor of them . How do you feel? Think they’re yummy?

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Even when I ate meat, I did not eat organ meat.

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I hate the taste and texture of fried liver.
It is one of the worst things in the entire universe.

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Sauted onions are delicious and nutritious. Liver is the organ that detoxifies…I wouldn’t eat it.

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Was gonna do the Hannibal Lecter thing, but I can’t be arsed :D

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Oh gawd, the most awful thing to put on your plate.

We used to be told that liver is a great source of iron, and it is, but it is also packed full of cholesterol and what ever chemical crap is in the cow’s body.

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I think liver is usually overcooked, it only needs quick frying. Liver and bacon is a great combination although I wouldn’t have agreed when I was a child.

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I think it is a placebo effect.

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As @Adagio says, liver has to be cooked properly. Most people overcook it. I grew up eating it and still enjoy it as an occasional meal. Nobody else in my family does so it’s a bit of a rarity.

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I love chicken livers. Since the vast majority of chickens are killed and sold at such young ages, there’s obviously less toxicity buildup.

I will very occasionally eat regular liver if I’m in a restaurant which does a good job and knows how to cook it. However, thats extremely infrequent since most places cook it way too long so it’s more like shoe leather. Yuck.

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@Buttonstc, there is one restaurant in the city that cooks liver perfectly. If we go there for dinner, I always have that. I can’t remember seeing it on another menu over here. Australians seem to really dislike offal.

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