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What careers (besides teaching) can a person pursue with a BA in Elementary Education?

Asked by amazingme (1860points) January 10th, 2015

Technically, I will be receiving a BA in Integrative Studies with a concentration in Elementary Education in May. I will not have a teaching license, as my university does not offer them on an undergraduate level.
Any thoughts on careers, or even jobs that can possibly open up pathways to careers?


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Translating? Creative writing? Historican? Human resources managing?

As far as I know any job that involve social science offers BA.

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@Mimishu1995 Managing human resources usually requires a business degree specializing in HR management. A historian usually requires a degree in history, translating just requires proficiency in a foreign language and creative writing requires..well the ability to write creatively.

@amazingme I think there is still a way to get a teaching license not through the university correct? If I’m not mistaken integrative studies is really a path designed for graduate school anyway. Before you look for work it would be best to have an idea of what type of career you are looking for. Your page says you play Cello? Teach music! My sisters both make a good living teaching private string lessons, no license required. They also make a small fortune playing weddings regularly.

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Retail sales and hospitality. You will start entry-level-ish, but move up quickly with your degree, assuming you show the skill sets you need in your work. You will most likely hit a ceiling without the business degree, but you still can go pretty far. Easily to manager level, which in America earns typically $35—$75, depending where you live and what store.

Other ideas: flight attendant, plan activities for children at camps or resorts, and administrative asstistant. What do you like to do? Do you want to work with children? Be out working with people? Be in an office?

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Just having a bachelors looks good on a resume, no matter what position you apply for.

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I assume from the topics you’ve listed that you are interested in a career in teaching, not some other field. If you are working towards this degree right now, the thing to do is ask your professors what your next step should be. If you don’t think you can get hired as an elementary school teacher with just your degree, then what do you need? A certificate of some kind? Some volunteer or other work experience? Your profs can point you in the right direction, if only to find the right resources to look for answers to your questions. They can tell you who to ask to find out which qualifications you need, and which you don’t.

Coming to Fluther is a great idea if you want outside-the-box ideas, because most people here are not in your field. Perhaps you’ll get lucky and encounter one who is teaching at that level. But I’d start by talking to people who better equipped to answer your question.

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If you’re in America you get your teaching license through what ever state you live in, not through the university.

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@dappled_leaves she specified (besides teaching) in her question.

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I just assumed she isn’t in America when she talked about her university not offering a license.

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Just about anything you want. It isn’t so much what the BA is for, it’s more important that you have it.
When my father died, he had the equivalent of 2 MA’s, one in drama and one in art. He taught many subjects in K-12 schools but his teaching in band/chorus/music was his main thing. And he could have done many other things outside of schools with those MA’s.

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