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Do you put frozen pizza directly on the oven rack as instructed?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) January 11th, 2015

Just curious.

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Yes, and it’s usually good.

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Yes, otherwise the bottom is mushy. Bottom (dough) needs to cook, too.

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No, but I have a pizza tray with holes in it that cooks it perfectly…

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I put a baking sheet underneath. Cooks just fine.

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Yes. Although sometimes I use a pizza stone. Both ways work fine.

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I love baking stones but I made a mistake once by putting a frozen pizza on a hot stone and it cracked the stone. I was so sad.

I put the pizzas directly on the rack every Wednesday night. Wednesdays are our pizza night.

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No…I totally disregard any box instructions and put the pizza pie directly on a hot pizza stone with another stone on the shelf above and gussy up the pie with fresh spices (spinach and fresh basil) and extra cheese.

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If it is a small one I microwave it for one minute then put it directly on the rack in my toaster over and toast it.

Larger pizzas I bake right on the rack either in my toaster over or regular oven or I use my Advantium oven on the special baking plate provided.

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If I ate frozen pizza, which I don’t, I would put it on a baking sheet in case anything (like cheese) melted off of it.

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Yes, on the rack.

I line the oven floor with aluminum foil (not covering the holes, it’s a gas oven) so it’s OK if a little cheese or anything else drops down. A couple of times a year I replace the foil.

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I use pan with tin foil liner, to keep the pan clean.

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I was a rebel last night and put the pizza directly on the oven rack as ordered. Worked nicely. Usually I put a pizza pan on the rack when I start the oven, then put the pizza on the hot pan. That works well, too, and less chance of mess.

Oh, and @jaytkay, did you know that you can buy Teflon sheets for the oven floor? Instead of replacing, you just wipe anything that falls.

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I used to put it on the rack. But about 20 years ago I was making one and it didn’t crisp the crust fast enough and the edge of the pizza folded over between the gaps in the rack. It made a nice little funnel for all the toppings (and most of the sauce) to slide off the pizza and onto the base of the oven.

Now I just use one of the sheets with a bunch of tiny holes in it. Crispy crust and no spillage.

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I follow the instructions on the box. All the frozen pizzas I buy are possible to cook from frozen. Why would you buy a frozen pizza that you couldn’t cook from frozen? It’s fast food and needs to be on the plate fast, not defrosting for 12 hours in the fridge!

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@johnpowell – this happened 20 years ago and you have never tried it again?

Is it possible that the one experience in the 1990s was an exception? Perhaps crusts are made better now?

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No, I make my own fresh pizzas.

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No I just stick them in a big tray in the oven.

I doubt it makes a big difference, and if I was fussy I wouldn’t be eating frozen pizza anyway.

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Do you pre-heat the tray, @Furby? I find that works best for me. Put the tray in when you start the oven, then put the pizza on the tray when the oven’s ready.

I’m fussy about not having to clean the oven than my pizza.

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I’ve never tried that @ibstubro, but will give it a try next time round. The try I use is supposed to be non-stick but still sometimes it has a bit of the crust stuck to the tray with is a pain in the butt to try and clean off. Usually end up soaking it and feel like chucking the tray in the bin and buy a new one :)

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I bought one of these for 50ยข at the thrift store, and I’ve not tried it, yet. Anxious to, though.

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