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How can I watch TV on a Mac?

Asked by marabu (30points) July 15th, 2007

I am currently without a tv-set, but I want to watch the u20-world cup (also because my country is on a winning spree currently :)) but the tv is available only for windows-pcs. is there a way to work around that, or do you know other sites that offer that service?

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I hear ya'. I was quite fustrated by the lack of support. I have not tried other browsers. You might try torrents. I have just had my father tape the U.S. games, but now that they are out, I just do not care.

Good luck.

P.S. Use search turn FTBZ.

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yeah, they are out because of a particular winning spree :P
I'll have to try torrents after all, but it's that... "taped" feeling... it's tough, when the only time I'm not in the country to watch local tv the team wins and wins.

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