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Is it important to keep traditions alive? ~ [Details]?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) January 12th, 2015

First light snow of the year.

Before going out to scrape, I put on entirely too many clothes including my recent Goodwill purchases of Spiderman head sock and gauntlet gloves (just in case I needed the build in plastic goggle scraper or nose wipe).

I searched the garage for a snow shovel. Finally found an old, beat up and dented aluminum shovel behind a host of handled tools and a slab of marble.

Located a broom.

No ice melt to be had.

I go out, and there is a light coating of ice under the snow, so removing it just makes things slicker.

An hour and a half from start, I’m back in the house, and unsuited, having accomplished NOTHING.

It’s a tradition I feel is important to keep alive! Hardly a winter has gone by without it.

If you have a tradition you seem to cherish despite its unproductivity, please share.

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Oh, and true to form, I forgot to pee before suiting up, so everything was disheveled by the time I actually went outside.

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Is this the same way you raked leaves in the fall? Start in the morning of a breezy day, and after three hours of raking the leaves are still scattered all over?

It is important to keep traditions alive, provide they are still working for you. But you get to start new traditions whenever you want. Do something two years in a row and it is a tradition.

For instance, after more than fifty years, my mom has to stop making her fruit cakes in October for Christmas delivery. Ta-da! no more fruit cake dessert! Yay! But we now have a Buche de Noel every year, three years running! It’s a tradition! (A damn fine one, too.)

So start a tradition of every December going to buy the bag of road salt for the winter,

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