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Are your childhood passions still alive?

Asked by longgone (19375points) January 14th, 2015

Even today, my childhood passions are pretty much me. It took some time to figure that out, though – I had turned away from them for quite a while. I should have listened to my primary school teacher.

What about you? Are your childhood passions part of your daily life, did you manage to pursue your interests in adult life? Maybe you found new passions, and don’t even remember what got you excited as a kid?

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I loved writing, art and music. I write as part of my job. Still love art and over the years have continued to undertake artistic projects as a hobby. And I definitely still love music. So I think I’m quite faithful to my inner child’s passions.

In saying that, when I reached the age where I had to choose a career, my parents did not let me go down a path I would naturally have chosen. So for many years I wasn’t drawing on those innate passions. However, when the opportunity arose, I found I naturally gravitated back to the things I loved.

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Oh yeah, just as fun loving, mischievous, cheeky & naughty as I ever was.
Only difference is, i’m a bigger kid now.

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When I was 13, I started collecting glass.

40 years later? I’m still at it.

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When I was a kid I was all about climbing trees. I haven’t done that in a while.
I wanted to marry Greg Brady. That didn’t happen. The man I married was more like cousin Oliver from the final season.

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Nothing can kill my passions to drawing and telling stories. I met a lot of oppossion against my passions from my parents, saying they are unrealistic and childish. But a passion is a passion. I will always tell stories in a discreet way :D

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Me no like you, you stink :p

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My passion was reading. Still is. And I work in a library

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Mine were singing, music, theater and animals. I’m still involved with all of those things.

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12-year old me
Comic Books
Chocolate Chip Cookies

43-year old me
Comic Books
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yup, pretty damn close.

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I used to like drawing as child but then after few years i got busy in my studies and other stuff so drawing was ignore but thanks to you for asking this question and reminding me about my childhood days.

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I saved myself the trouble of playing all of the video games endings by YouTubeing all the endings. I ate a rib roast end pieces all by myself while still cooking. So that I always have the best parts.

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