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What is the influence of weight on speed on a decline?

Asked by sebrowns (157points) July 13th, 2008

i was having a discussion with several cyclist friends of mine the other day concerning how weight effects speed going downhill. does a heavier object travel at a faster speed down a hill?

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Nope. Galileo proved that in a vacuum, all objects fall at the same rate.

In the real world on a bike, a heavier rider will be less affected by wind resistance, but this is a tiny effect. All sorts of other forces will make more of a difference, like friction, tire size, etc.

But in a “perfect” world, they’d go at the same speed.

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To add to Ben’s point-if we’re talking about cyclists, then another issue is body mass density-i.e. how much fat/muscle does the cyclist have, and how that affects aerodynamics (fat presumably taking up more volume than muscle).

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Here’s the physics and math for the inclined plane problem.

Caveat lector.

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