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Is it legal to go onto a private lake if you can float into it from a public river?

Asked by Jody (53points) July 13th, 2008 from iPhone

State: Arkansas, River: White River, Lake: Peppers

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Using the Arkansas Code, it appears that this would be illegal, and would be trespassing in the third degree. Anybody who “enters or remains unlawfully in or upon premises” is guilty of this crime, and I could not find any exceptions for waterways or fishing. Perhaps there are some that I couldn’t find, but from what I see there, it’s illegal.

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I agree, the same as taking a public road onto a private one. In most cases it would be at the discretion of the private property owner of who can be there.

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I own a private road and when the unwelcome religious fanatics wander up (it’s a 3/10 mile wander) I tell them courteously that I have not invited them and they are trespassing.

Normally, no one who doesn’t belong on this road (formerly a driveway) ever shows up. Even burglars, since there is no escape hatch.

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Land is one thing but I can’t see where its legal to post running water

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