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What do these ads on Facebook mean?

Asked by Aster (19949points) January 16th, 2015

There is an ad that reads, “Pledge to ‘spread the word’ on Alzheimers’ Disease to find a cure. Nobody can stop it on their own.”
I just don’t get it. Does it mean to talk about it to people and that will help cure it? And , if so, how would one “pledge” to do that? And do we need to raise awareness of it as if most people don’t know what it is ?
This is not a question encouraging discussion of our family members who have it or who have died from it. My opinion is if most old people for thousands of years have gotten senility or dementia then many will get Alzheimers’ if they live long enough.

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It’s just attention getting shite from people who want to see how far their memes will travel.

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It looked very professional, @Dutchess_III .

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That doesn’t mean anything. Could you copy a link to one?

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