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Where did the Watering Hole go?

Asked by bugmenot (140points) July 13th, 2008 from iPhone

The access is turned off or the URL changed. Does anyone know where it is now?

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This appears to be the current URL.

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Quite off topic:
I was looking for the URL to post, but the one I found wasn’t the same as Marina posted above…...
It really should be called “The elusive chat room”. I don’t know about others, but I find it very off-putting that it constantly changes location. Whether it’s a way to keep the club exclusive or bad service.
I’d be half-tempted to pop my head in if it was a reliable/constant Fluther feature….

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@ Marina – that is the right URL
@ wildflower – the URL only changes location when zack feels the need to spam the chat room with all sorts of obscenities, which is why the URL changed (Andrew is working on a way to fix this problem). This has nothing to do with “exclusiveness” or “service”. It’s got to do with a 14 year old boy with too much time on his hands. And we would love to see you come join us in the chat room :)

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I made this to help. Bookmark that link. I will update it if the URL changes.

Edit :: That link won’t change, just where it redirects you to. I will try to keep it current. But I can’t promise anything. sometimes I have to sleep

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JP to the rescue! =)

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Thank you, jp!

@wf I happened to have made note of that thread with the new link because I share your confusion. See my post there.

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Here is what happens. image

Clicking on the red arrow locks the room. Clicking on the blue arrow locks the room and changes the URL. It took me a while to figure this out. That is why the URL doesn’t change as often anymore. I was always clicking on the blue arrow to lock the room. I don’t do that anymore.

I’m not sure who clicked on the wrong thing last night.

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