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Can you list some entry level dream jobs?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) January 17th, 2015

For someone with a high school diploma and no drivers licence. Only speaking English.

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Heir to a fortune.

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Vegetarian taste tester for Whole Foods or Trader Joes. I could do that all day long and wax poetic about it all night long.

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With no degree or trade keep dreaming, fast food, or retail,maybe a warehouse type job.
I would suggest something in the oil field I know you live in Alberta but you also state you have some kind of disability, so unless you get some kind of training fast food or retail,is about it.

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Entry level jobs, by definition, are not designed to be “dream” jobs. Someone has to be in the lowest paid category and doing the scut work so that’s why there are entry level positions for which the bar is pretty low to be hired.

They’re designed primarily to give someone work experience and to test their suitability for higher paid positions requiring more responsibility.

I suppose if there is a particular area of interest that someone has, then an entry level job could be enjoyable for a time.

For example, if someone absolutely loves movies or TV and enjoys being on film sets then being the lowest paid “gofer” still brings a measure of satisfaction greater than for the average person.

However, if 20 yrs. later they’re still doing the same without any advancement or higher pay, it wouldn’t be quite as enjoyable as at first.

To me, the phrase “dream job” would be one that is so satisfying that you’d be willing to do it even for very low (or no) pay.

Entry level jobs exist in order to bring in money with which to pay the bills and if one is doing their best at it is honorable work. But it’s not normally expected to be that enjoyable.

If it’s in a field that one absolutely loves, then that’s a bonus. But most people don’t take entry level jobs expecting them to be their dream jobs.

That’s why people persevere in their education because they don’t want to spend the rest of their lives at entry level conditions and low pay.

There’s a famous quote/joke which illustrates the point:

“It’s no fun being the last dog in the sled team because the view never changes.”

Likewise with entry level jobs. Somebody has to do them so it goes to those least qualified for anything else (or temporarily in desperate enough life circumstances as to need it in order to survive.)

You have previously written about how often you used to ditch school so you could spend hours and hours playing video games as if being able to get away with that was some clever accomplishment.

The parents who allowed you to get away with crap like instead of insisting upon regular school attendance definitely weren’t doing you any favors even tho it was enjoyable at the time.

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Working in a bookstore was my dream job at one time. Definitely entry level. It was a very large bookstore—One of the largest in the country at the time. So instead of just schlepping a number of books, I got to get to know a very specialized department—the children’s department. I got to be a storyteller every week and I was the DJ for the department and the kids music buyer. I got to listen to great music (not all kids music sucks) and got free promotional books and music. It was awesome.
I think a nontraditional entry level dream job is a YouTuber. If you can manage to get 10,000 subscribers, I’m told that you get enough ad revenue to equal a minimum wage job. I am so jealous of Stampy Cat who refuses to divulge his income, but it’s estimated at 200k a MONTH. He gets to do his favorite thing in the world (play video games) all day long and makes loads of cash.

Not everyone can do this, but if you can figure out a good niche, youtubing is a way to live out your dreams and make some money.

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Your bookstore job is the perfect example of a niche entry level job with enormous personsal appeal for the right person. Obviously it appealed to you because it was within your field of interest. Someone else who really isn’t into literary things would likely just find it tedious, don’t you think?

Obviously for you it really hit the sweet spot (and would for me as well) but I can think of a whole lot of people I know who would just see it as drudgery :)

Re: hosting ones own YouTube channel might well have the salary equivalent of a minimum wage job (or less) but I think it would fall more into the category of self employment or entrepreneurship. If you are responsible to no one but yourself, isn’t that the essence of being an entreprneur rather than a minimum wage slave?

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Depends on your interests. For me, tutoring kids and training dogs are two jobs I absolutely love, most of the time. Both are entry level, but rewarding to me.

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footballer of premier league lol

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