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How do I get ripped abs like Brad Pitt in Fight club?

Asked by JH (27points) July 13th, 2008 from iPhone
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Eat healthyyyyyy and work your ass off at the gym everyday.

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These claim to be the Ten Most Effective Ab Exercises. Also this You Tube promises six-pack abs.

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Live in the gym for 3–4 months

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@CheebDragon theres no need for gym.
If you want pretty boy abs that will just look good eat healthily and do a few situps and planks each day. If you want abs that will actually stand up to some punishment is suggest lots of situps and perhaps a martial art, when you get your stomach pounded every week is a good motivation to toughen up!

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Everyone has five extra minutes a day, so put it to good use. Get on the floor and start working your abs because a strong core is the base of a rockin’ body. Note: don’t expect to see results from toning if you’re not doing regular cardio exercise. Although you can focus your toning on specific areas of the body, you won’t see results if those areas are covered in flab. Cardio will burn your extra calories and allow for your soon-to-be toned muscles to emerge.

5 Minute Abs:

1. Start with your basic crunch (feet on the ground) for 20 reps.

2.Extend your legs up in the air and do 20 more reps.

3. With your feet in the air lift from the lower abdomen and lift your lower back off the ground for 20 more reps (these are called reverse crunches).

4. Lower your feet to a 90 degree angle and alternating elbow to opposite knee do 20 reps of bicycle crunches.

5. Lower your feet completely to the floor and with your body at about a 45 degree angle clasp your hands in the middle and twist slowly from side to side for 20 reps on both sides.

Repeat Sequence 5 times

After your 5 minute killer abs, cool down by turning over onto your stomach and bring yourself up into a plank by resting on your elbows and lifting up on your toes. Make sure to keep your back straight and then count to 30. Do this at least 3 times (you can even mix it up a little by tightening your stomach muscles and rocking from side to side) This will tighten your core and be the perfect topper for your 5 minute ab workout.
Pure Inspiration

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This article talks about Brad Pitt but also explains that abs don’t come from situps alone:

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Watch this youtube video I found for you – it says it helped his grandma (no joke) get ripped abs here:

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