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Women that post explicit photos of them, insecure or confident?

Asked by chelle21689 (7391points) January 18th, 2015 from iPhone

I’m trying to understand why some women feel the need to base their whole self worth by getting by on just sex. Women like Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose (I don’t think she’s pretty at all and don’t get the appeal) constantly post barely there photos in sexual poses, twerking, leaking porn and I’m wondering how are they ok with men just seeing them as nothing but a good romp for the night?
I get people have a sexy side but to constantly just be seen as a sex tool? Do you think it’s for attention and validation or confidence?

Not just celebrities but normal women…women that I see naked but just covering their privates and nipples. Whyy?

Also I feel society is doomed when I see women idolizing them.

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Some of them insecure, some of them confident.

I can understand it. I like it when people think I’m handsome—I think that’s not difficult to imagine for most people. This is just an extension of that.

And isn’t specific to women at all.

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IMO I think women who base their “whole self worth on sex” are far and few between and the women you cited again IMO do not base their “whole self worth on sex” and have a lot more going for them than just naughty bits. They are celebrities who are making carloads of cash because the public is willing to hungrily eat up what they are willing to show us. I am not a fan of this mindless titillation but until we as a society stop supporting this sexploitation women will continue to make millions showcasing their booty.

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I have a young fb friend who is always posting selfies that invariably include shots of her cleavage. In her case, I think it’s insecurity.

In the case of Kardashian and Amber Rose, they’re just cashing in on a sure thing. They’re getting rich off of it. It’s just a job like any other.

If you’re referring to kids on facebook, they get all kinds of positive attention when they do it so….

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Lol kids…sad cuz I’m referring to grown women in their 20’s and 30’s

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Well, they’re the same ones who would have posted themselves twerking and stuff when they’re kids, and they’re doing it for the same reason. Positive attention.

The fb friend I mentioned is in her late 20’s.

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Not doomed, but society is shallow.

These women are still the exception and not the rule. And yes, it’s for attention.

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I’m exaggerating lol

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I think it’s more attention seeking than anything else. Fishing or, er, stripping for compliments.
Nothing wrong with enjoying the beauty and sexiness of youth but when you’re always in need of strokes it is off putting. I can’t stand needy people. Gah!

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@Dutchess_III – which FB friend? Can I “friend” her?

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Celebrities because they make money from it.

Teens and early 20’s because they are feeling good about themselves and are discovering their sexuality. Also, because they lack good judgement and have limited understanding of consequences. Moreover, they get attention when they do it.

Grown women, hard to understand why they would put sex pot photos up all the time. A night out with friends in a sexy dress and you snap a photo fine, but purposely taking sexy shots all the time and putting them up on social media? That’s weird to me. I’d assume shallow, superficial, insecure, but you never know for sure what people’s motives are.

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I don’t know… But what I know is that “my body, my rules”.

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