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If we, as a collective, were to take a vacation together, where would we go and what would we do?

Asked by Kardamom (31912points) January 18th, 2015

We’re a lively bunch. Where do y’all want to go? What kinds of activities should we pursue? Who’s gonna bunk with whom?

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We’re coming to your place, if you’re cooking!

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We would travel across The Long and Winding Road on a Magical Mystery Tour in our Yellow Submarine where we would Come Together, In My Life and Twist & Shout Across the Universe, With a Little Help From My FriendsAll Together Now

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Can you imagine a cruise ship full of jellies trapped otgether?

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@ucme Have you ever been to Liverpool and gone on one of those Magical Mystery Tours of places frequented by The Beatles? 2 friends went on separate trips and got to do that. They said it was so much fun. I’d love to do that.

I’ve only been to England once and it was way too short of a time, but I loved every single second of it. We went to London, Stratford upon Avon, Bristol, Stonehenge, and Bath. My luggage, unfortunately, went to Birmingham. We got to see 3 plays, La Cage Aux Folles, Me and My Gal, and Lend Me a Tenor. That was so much fun. We were only there for 7 days, so we hardly got to see much of London, except for going to the theaters and what we saw from the tour bus. I could easily spend 6 months in just London and still probably not see and eat everything I wanted to try.

If we go to London, I would like to try These Restaurants and These

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In that yellow submarine to the Canary Islands?

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@Kardamom I have never been to Liverpool, this is by design, because I don’t want my car stolen :D

What is long, hard & full of semen seaman? A penis submarine filled with jellies :)

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After Kardamom packs us a lunch, I would love to take everybody to Sleeping Bear Dune in Michigan.

It looks like this

And this

The water really is that blue.

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I think we should take turns staying at each other’s houses. I’m in Western NY. We have:
Niagara Falls,
Lake Ontario with spotless Hamlin Beach State Park.
The Finger Lakes with its wineries and cheese trails
Zoar Valley – one of the few places on the plant with primal forest and 20+ waterfalls.
Letchworth State park.
Many antique shops, rural communities. Take day trips to Skaneateles, Olcott, East Aurora, Chimney Bluffs.

Unless you are a skier, visit from May until first week in October. The summers are gorgeous here, but the rest of the year….ummm… not so much.

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Probably ought to stick to Better chance of a good outcome.

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Go to the Middle East, take up arms, and then take out our frustrations on some hapless stooges over there.

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Been there. Done that. Not a good vacation spot unless you get kill training.

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@LuckyGuy If we do that, then when you guys come out here to Southern California, we can go to Disneyland and The Original Farmer’s Market on Fairfax and maybe check out a live screening of The Big Bang Theory on the Warner Bros lot. Or NCIS at the CBS Studio. They also film a lot of scenes in and around Los Angeles and Ventura.

Maybe we could spend the night at the Mission Inn in Riverside.

Of course you’ll probably want to check out a movie, say The Hobbit, at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. And since we’ll be nearby, we should have lunch at one of the historic restaurants such as Canter’s Deli or Phillipe’s Home of the French Dip Sandwich or El Cholo

If you guys fly in, we should definitely have a cocktail at Encounter, the iconic restaurant at LAX.

It might be fun to take a boat ride over to Catalina

If anybody feels like camping, we could do a side trip to the San Bernardino Mountains and visit Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear Lake

We’ll probably want to go to one of the many beaches. This one is Manhattan Beach. This is Surfrider Beach in Malibu

And don’t forget The Griffith Observatory Afterwards we can eat at Bob’s Big Boy, and if we catch a concert at The Whisky a Go Go club, we might want to get a late night snack at Pink’s Hotdogs

The best (although it’s been hot here for 2 solid years) time of the year to visit Southern California is in October. The weather is still warm, but not sweltering and most of the crowds have left the beaches, so they’re wide open. It’s usually sunny and clear in October.

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I agree with those eager to taste your cooking. We should come to wherever you’re doin the cookin. Bunking arrangements——dangerous minefield, but there’s no way you can accommodate us all.

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I’d go wherever you all go. It’s better to be surprised. And beside I don’t know any interesting place.

Can I tag along too :p

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@stanleybmanly Sure I can. Don’t you think I own a virtual house too? I’ll have to show you some pictures of this place later. Gotta run right now.

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