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What was the reasoning behind casting a Japanese rock star as a sadistic Japanese World War II prison guard?

Asked by hud (210points) January 18th, 2015

I saw Unbroken.

Really good book. Mediocre movie at best.

Having said it, the movie makers cast a Japanese rock star as “The Bird”, the sadistic guard who tormented Louis Zamperini.

I simply can’t believe the choice was made because this guy brings “The Bird” to credible life on the screen. It had to be something else. What?

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Script had a role. Somebody was hired for that role.

Why does it have to be something else?

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“Jolie said Hillenbrand’s book describes the Bird as well educated “very striking, very strong, physically,” which led her to consider a musician, someone who had enough stage presence “to stand in front of thousands of people and hold that.””


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Well I don’t think an North American would have worked.

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Well there is the obvious draw of pulling this guy’s fans into movie seats. A significant number of people who would otherwise not have the slightest interest in the film, will lay out money to see their boy on the big screen. In addition, those of us who never heard of the guy, might just be influenced further to see the movie in order to get a look at the “big deal”.

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I doubt the movie will get much traction in Japan, even with a Japanese rock star in it. He did do a superb job of acting.

Movie was a lot better than mediocre.

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He has a huge international audience. One of my friends is a big fan of his. She thinks that maybe Angelina Jolie knew about his music beforehand.

He’s not the kind of person you’d think of for that role. He has lots of tattoos and an androgynous, cyberpunk fashion sense. Like, I don’t think he owns any regular shirts, but he has a lot of mesh tank tops. In one of his videos, he’s hanging out with a lady in skimpy lingerie and plays her leg like a guitar. That’s probably the least risqué thing that happens in the whole video. Basically, he’s like Prince minus the frills and the 80s hair.

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