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Does anyone have experience with installing linux on an xbox (original)?

Asked by zarnold (695points) July 13th, 2008

I’m looking to install some distro of linux on an xbox a friend recently gave to me, but I don’t want to buy a usb adapter, modchip, or anything like that. The research I’ve done indicates that I’ll need either of these things (and possibly a copy of the mechassault game). Does anybody know of an easier and/or cheaper way to get linux onto an xbox? Thanks!

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You can hardmod or softmod in order to get linux on the xbox. There is no free way to do it. The mechassault method still needs an action replay in order to work so you’ll have to buy that in order to do every step involved with modding it.

If you are tech savy and have extra devices laying around you could try this instructable:…for-FREE/

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