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Caller can not hear me, when I call or receive call.

Asked by cake7 (519points) July 13th, 2008 from iPhone

I bought the iPhone 3g on Friday. The phone was working great, but now when I call or receive a call the caller can not hear me at all. I can hear them but they can not hear me. Please help. I’m still on hold with apple for about an hour.

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when I call or recieve a call, the person on the other line can not hear me. I’ve called apple, they do not anwser. They keep me on hold.

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I can’t hear you, what?

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try plugging and unplugging the headphones. sometimes if stuff is in the port it thinks the headphones are in therefore it shuts off the speaker

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^ that works for me when the speaker goes out.

If you can reproduce the problem in an Apple Store, they will swap it out – if they have stock.

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thanks everyone. I finally got ahold of apple. They toldme that my mic went out. Since I bought the phone Friday, they said they would just replace it.

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oh wow i just realized that my was not relating to your question, although i still got lurve for it. my post was for if you couldnt hear them but your post was that they couldnt hear you. sorry, but im glad you got it sorted out

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