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At what point do YOU consider someone overweight?

Asked by tinyfaery (43691points) July 13th, 2008

I know Americans are getting bigger, this is not the issue. And I’m not concerned with government guidelines. I’m concerned with what people consider to be overweight. Not conforming to standards portrayed by the media does not make one overweight. The media simultaneously tries to sell us potato chips and coca cola, but insists we stay looking like we stepped out of a magazine.

So my question is, how do you, personally, determine if someone in overweight?

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Basically if people have excessive padding, I’d say they’re overweight and could stand to lose a few kg’s.

[edit]: It’s very varied and depends on the person’s build. Two people with same height and weight might not both be overweight. One could be, while the other isn’t. If you have excessive fat, you’re overweight (like I do :))

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@wf Are you being vague for a reason?

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I consider myself overweight according to my BMI and by the clothing size that is appropriate for my height. I’m not too sure how to tell if someone else is overweight; it’s difficult to describe. Interesting question.

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I use my size 12 jeans. It’s easy to tell when I have trouble buttoning them – like now. And a tape measure, plus a little fiddling for the age sag. Or the waist pinch test.

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edit – waist pinches. Use both hands.

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If your belly hangs over your pants.

That applies to men too. But it would be more of a beer belly on a male.

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That is not a good test, JP. If you try on pants that are too small for you, even those w/o much of a belly will look squished. It’s like trying to wear your belt two holes too small.

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I see very skinny girls with muffin tops. I think its more about the low rise pants than it is a weight issue.

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I consider weight a factor of fitness. If you are physically active, strong and in good cardiovascular health, then numbers don’t mean anything.

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I would consider someone “overweight” as soon as his/her weight caused some kind of functional impairment. “Overweight” is going to mean something different for a gymnast versus a chemist.

And I don’t mean necessarily physical impairment—if it’s causing emotional distress or preventing you from participating in social engagements, that counts too (barring instances of body dysmorphic disorder, eating disorders, and similar).

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@jp, my friend that’s 95 pounds has a little bit of fat that goes over her jeans. I do as
well, and I’m pretty sure I’m not overweight (i just don’t have a flat stomach). If I keep eating the way I do I probably could be!
This question is really hard to answer, though. I usually consider overweight being unhealthy in your BMI…

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My family always considered “overweight” to mean “not well proportioned.” Which I accept to mean, if you by design have an hourglass figure and end up being pear or ball shaped, you are probably overweight. But, then again it has to bother you, and be affecting you to say it’s an issue. I have a very “dense build” so it’s hard to nail down a weight that is “good” but I know when the proportion is wrong.

If you have curves, have curves, if you don’t , don’t. But make sure the frame you have is well cared for and not being stressed in any one use/way. Anything else, is excess.

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Most of the women in our family have hourglass shapes. The new low-slung pants are a nightmare. (And I had to order a mens’ L fluther T which fits across shoulders and bust but is 8 inches too long.)

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