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What's wrong with my credit card security code in iTunes?

Asked by dingus108 (228points) July 13th, 2008

Every time I put my credit card information into itunes to purchase something, it tells me the security code is incorrect. But I know for sure that it IS correct. Should I call Apple?

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i think the iTunes store is down in general.

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It’s unlikely to be Apple you need to speak to. Like most companies, they’re not the ones checking your credit card details, it’s done through a payment/banking service.

You might want to call your credit card company though.

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i know my bank account is fine. i use BofA online banking, and from what i can tell, there’s nothing wrong….

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It could be as PnL suggested, general problems with the store. I just know from my own experience of credit card purchase, the shop/seller is rarely able to do anything about it. They just enter the details and it either works or it doesn’t.

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I’ve been having trouble getting onto the iTunes store here in the UK for sometime now. No idea about the other stores.

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