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Do you have a doppelganger?

Asked by canidmajor (16864points) January 20th, 2015

My second cousin sent me Strangers who look like twins because people often mistake us for twins. Yeah, we’re related but not so closely that it’s not a bit weird that we resemble each other so strongly.
I thought this was fun…

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I’ve never met him, but I supposedly have a doppelganger here in town. Several people have told me that they’ve run into him (always in the same place, too), and that they were sure he was me until they got right up close. A friend of mine also recently sent me a photograph from the 70s of someone who looks a lot like me (though I guess that makes me his doppelganger).

I love that photo project, by the way. Very cool.

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I must have a few, people are always mistaking me for someone who grew up or live in their neighborhood, which happens to be in Berkeley, or Oakland and I have never lived in any of those cities. Off that link, one of the pairs with thinning hair and classes look like one of my Brethren named Paul. So, I guess people have severl doppelgangers if it were possible to check everyone on the planet.

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Every time I have a transporter accident.
Worry not, the transporter clones are immediately terminated.
By the way, it is pretty easy to spot big differences in the examples you posted.

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There’s nothing new or even unusual going on here, everyone has a “double” somewhere.
That’s fairly common knowledge as far as i’m aware.
Also, that guy looks bugger all like Rowan Atkinson, the same could be said for quite a few of those pictured. Incidentally, they wear expressions that suggest the viewer should be amazed, annoying that.

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I’ve had several people who come up to me and say “Melissa?” and I have to tell them that I am not Melissa.
Also, my sisters and I look a lot alike. They’re my half sisters though, and they’re 3 and 6 years older than I am.

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In my late 30’s I took some Post Grad Anthro courses in the local University. I had a prof tell me that when she first walked into class and saw me the thought I was a friend from the previous place she taught at and was pulling a practical joke on her. When we were discussing it, several weeks into the class, she said I even sounded like him.

So I guess so.

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My dad did. About four months after he died I was at work (12000 miles away from where my dad died) and he walked into our office. He looked like my dad, he walked like my dad but he wasn’t my dad. I was speechless for a while. I just stared at this man in disbelief. It was very surreal and painful.

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@AshLeigh you are all living dolls! Gorgeous!

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