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How many products or items do you use getting ready in the morning?

Asked by JLeslie (65545points) January 21st, 2015 from iPhone

Please state your gender.

I’m interested in a typical morning routine. Don’t count products while showering. Lotions and potions count, hairdryers and brushes count. Each item of make up. Shaving cream and razor if you shave outside of the shower. Everything to do with grooming, basically what we use in front of the bathroom mirror.

You can just give a number, but a list would be better.

Edit: do you leave everything out on the top of your vanity/sink counter? Or, store everything away?

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Toothpaste and toothbrush.
Baby powder.

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Preparation H
and Turtle Wax for the top of my head

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1. Deodorant
2. Toothpaste
3. Toothbrush
4. Toothbrush holder
5. Saline/contact solution (almost every day)
6. Razor (not every day)
7. Shaving cream (not every day)
8. Q-Tips (not every day)
9. Nail Clippers (not every day)
10. Floss (not every day, I’m sad to admit)
11. Sink
12. Cabinets/table

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Leave-in conditioner
Hair dryer (occasionally)
Clear Eyes
Lip balm
Tooth brush/paste/floss

Some items are stored and some are sitting on the counter.

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Here’s my routine. I get up early and put on yesterday’s clothes since they are on top pf the laundry pile. I go outside and feed the birds, retrieve the camera card, take out trash, get the newspaper etc. I then come in and eat breakfast with coffee.
After coffee I put away the dishes and use the bathroom. (poop)
I wait a little and then take my morning shower.

In the shower I wash my hair, shave and brush my teeth. All those items are on the shelves in the shower.

I have duplicates on the bathroom counter. Always out are:
Tissues, razor, pump soap dispenser, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash (a small cup from Nyquil? sits on top of the mouthwash bottle), a water pic, lotion and a white washcloth to wipe off the counter and faucet.
Q-tips are in the medicine cabinet.

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Male. I get out of bed, make it, hit the shower, then come out and comb the hair, deodorant, Q-tips, then have breakfast and coffee, brush teeth, dental rinse, and get dressed to head out into the cold. Minus 2 F today. I usually use some light cologne, but I haven’t in the past week.

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Morning routine: Wake up, go to kitchen, let the dog out, start coffee, water for tea, breakfast. Call wife and daughter. Feed dog. If outdoor temperature is low, I get dressed (yesterday’s clothes) to go out to start car, scraping windshield if necessary. See wife and daughter off to school and work.

Eat leisurely breakfast, including second cup of coffee.

Then I get dressed:
After I shower, I use the hair brush and toothbrush, and then sometimes the razor. These items are all stashed on my shelf in the bathroom cabinet.

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I work from home ¯\(ツ)

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After shower:

1. Shaving brush
2. Shaving soap
3. Razor
4, Comb
5. Stick deodorant
6. Toothbrush
7. Toothpaste

That’s it. I leave it all on the counter.

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This very much depends on the day and where I am going if anywhere. A typical after shower routine would include…
1. Deoderant
2. Powder
3. toothbrush
4. Toothpaste
5. comb

If I am going out….I add

1. hairspray
2. face powder
3. blush
4. eye liner
5. eye shadow

I keep most things in a drawer except my toothbrush and toothpaste.

Oh, and i am a woman.

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Affluent landowner/entrepreneur…all man baby.
I’d have to ask my personal grooming assistants, but I can’t be bothered.

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Female. Daily, I only use:

Lip Balm

Everything but the hairbrush is stashed away.

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SPF moisturizer
hair mousse
hair oil
eye liner
eye shadow
hair dryer
hair brush

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Liquid hand soap and razor for shaving
Deodorant, x 2 and a spritz of cologne around my neck area
Toothpaste and electric toothbrush

Good to go.

No I do not use any haircare products or devices other than towel.

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Female and assuming I’m dressing for work:
Tooth brush / paste
make up
hair spray

Just on a regular day, tooth brush / paste and mouth wash. Deodorant if I need it.

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Half the stuff at Walgreen’s!!!

“Every morning I jump out of bed and step on a landmine. The landmine is me. After the explosion, I spent the rest of the day putting the pieces together.”
Ray Bradbury

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Eye drops

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I forgot two items on the vanity.
charger for toothbrush
charger for electric razor

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Toothpaste, toothbrush, water, soap =v=

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And shaver.

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My routine depends on what I’m doing for the day.

If I’m working from home, shower, toothpaste (Colgate) /electric toothbrush/water pick, deodorant (Lady Speedstick), Trilogy moisturiser, Trilogy rosehip oil. When necessary, my husband’s Body Shop shaving cream, razor. Usually I’ll let my hair dry naturally if I’m working from home.

If I’m going shopping, to the cinema or something like that, as above, hair dryer, comb and brush, plus tinted moisturiser (Clarins), mascara (YSL), lip gloss (Mac), perfume.

If I’m going to work or a formal appointment or out for dinner or a special evening out, shower, toothpaste/electric toothbrush/water pick/ leave-in hair conditioner (type varies), hair dryer/comb/brushes/ plus deodorant, Trilogy moisturiser/roseihip oil, full make-up (YSL, Bobbi Brown, Mac – I can specify the products if you really want @JLeslie) and perfume.

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Just basic hygiene products for skin, tooth and hair care, so probably 5 or 6 if you include devices as well (brushes for stuff and washcloths and stuff… Most left on a shelf or the vanity.

@JLeslie, why do you ask this? Are you doing a survey? Not judging, just curious as to why this would even occur to you to ask. And what about you?

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I ask because friends and husbands were talking about whether we leave stuff top of counter, or put it all away in our bathrooms. A lot of women leave a lot of stuff out. I think it drives a lot if husbands crazy. They don’t want to see all that crap. I don’t want to see all of it, yet I usually have stuff left out. I made my new house so that I have cabinets resting on top of the vanity in my master bath so I can just have everything there, no bending, and just shut the door.

Women have a ton of items they deal with every day to take out and put back. No wonder we are less likely to do it. Hair I use three products plus my hair dryer and sometimes a curling iron. Two different hairbrushes. Make-up is about 9 items if I do my made up face. Sometimes I also apply suntan lotion.

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Thank you, @JLeslie! Now that you’ve told me it makes sense as a point of curiosity. I’m not married, so I couldn’t imagine why anyone would care, but I get it now.
I am so spoiled! :-)

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@canidmajor Do you put everything away after using it when you get ready in the morning?

I’m not sure why you say spoiled?

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@JLeslie ; I say “spoiled” because I don’t have to consider someone else’s needs or preferences in my living circumstance. I am free to leave my stuff out if I want and occupy all available counter/cabinet space. I “put away” the toothbrush, back into it’s cup with the toothpaste, simply because it’s more efficient and less likely to be the small item that falls on the floor. The rest stays out if I’m in a hurry or gets stowed if I’m cleaning surfaces and want it out of the way.
I’m a bit of a slob

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Oh. I pretty much do whatever I want also even though I’m married. It is true though sometimes having to consider someone else can mean I don’t always do exactly what I would so if I were single.

I did get to not work for over 5 years. That was nice and a little spoiled and no way I could have done that if I were single.

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electric beard trimmer
liquid hand soap & disposable razor
liquid soap
2 deodorants
electric toothbrush
occasionally lotion
Often Q-tip
The bathroom sink is also my cell phone charging station.

And yes, all the crap sits out but for deodorant and cologne.

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