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Why do people "act out"?

Asked by josie (30926points) January 21st, 2015

What is accomplished by putting on what is often an incomprehensible dramatic performance for a baffled audience

Isn’t it more constructive (and relatively effortless) to simply say what is on your mind?

Anybody can answer but I would prefer answers from the dramatists.

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Dramatist is synonymous with playright. Do you mean drama queen.

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Yes I suppose that’s what I mean.
Although it might be cool if a real playwright would actually answer the question.
What would Shakespeare say? Or Arthur Miller?

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Shakespeare already said it. Read “MacBeth,” “Hamlet,” or “Othello,” for starters.

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By doing what you are asking about….said “actor” is guaranteed more votes from the enamored audience. I will say this applies equally to Liberals and Republicans and maybe more so to the Independent voters. People in this day and age seem to have lost the ability to have an original independent thought unencumbered by shallow talking points.

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A whore a whore, my kingdom for a whore.
His frigid wife was such a drama queen.

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Ah good question. Not everyone’s situation is the same, some DO have more right than others, additionally the disabled have fewer options, their life is run by another entity. They are angry. It’s better than learned helplessness. The Limbic system is involved in emotion, making an emotional response indicates they need something they cannot convey. I made a brain anatomy reference, must be the new vitamins.

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