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What's your "secret single behavior"?

Asked by MissAnthrope (21501points) July 13th, 2008

In the TV show Sex and the City, one episode focuses on the topic of “secret single behavior” (or SSB). They define this as things you enjoy doing when by yourself, but that you would never do in front of a girlfriend or boyfriend.

For example, Charlotte said that she liked to stare at her pores in a magnifying mirror for at least an hour every day, Carrie liked to snack in the nude, and Miranda liked to put moisturizer on her hands, put on cosmetic gloves, and watch infomercials.

So, ‘fess up – what’s your SSB? Me, I dance like a moronic fool.. I could never in a million years let loose like that with someone else around. :)

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I don’t think I could beat the ones from sex in the city.

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Mine’s a hygeine-related SSB- I really enjoy cleaning my ears with Q-tips…and I mean Q-tips, not the generic kind. After a nice hot shower, I relish in the ‘ritual’ of swabbing out my ears…sometimes with a bit of Hydrogen Peroxide.

I know it’s not the best thing to do for ears as the cerumin (ear wax) is supposed to line your ear canal, but the feeling of cleaning and drying them with swabs is (to me) sublime.

Sorry if I grossed anyone out…I consider it a “guiltless pleasure!” best done in private.

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I have really bad dandruff. I like to put down something dark and run my fingers through my hair so it looks like it is snowing. I try to keep that to myself.

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I do everything, non hygiene related, in front of my spouse. I even sing silly, ridiculous songs to my cats.

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Workout in the nude

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@sndfreQ my wife and I call that “Eargasm”. Mmmmmmmm.

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wait i’m totally going to try the moisturizer-gloves-infomercials thing that’s genius oh cynthia nixon only you

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I must admit,... I’m a Charlotte York. I stare at my pores in a magnifying glass for a very long time, no more then 45 minutes to an hour just about everyday. Also flossing while looking at a magnifying mirror… Its those mirrors, the magnification is so weird yet intriguing..

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I like to go out in the bright sun at the back of my house with a mag mirror and tweeze all the chin hairs that I can see oh so vividly in this setting and hope no one else can see if I carefully avoid sunlight the rest ot the time.

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I pump the music up real loud and dance around the house… :)

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I love to turn the music up loud and sing along and pretend I’m on stage all diva like and singing my heart out.

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I am an online ps3 addict, and pretty much whenever my girlfriend is away, I hop onto COD4 and hang out with my the people in my clan. I’m too embarrassed to talk to them when anyone in around, because I know people tend to think the whole concept is silly, but it’s absolutely one of the most relaxing and carefree activities I can think of.

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Thanks for the answers, guys.. ever since I saw that episode years ago, I think about it whenever I’m dancing like a maniac in my house. I always wonder what other people do.

@sndfreQ – I totally know what you’re talking about.. I am the same way. Something about cleaning your ears with a real Q-Tip (the generic ones suck) is so satisfying and feels almost sinfully amazing. In fact, after reading your post, I had to go clean my ears.

@stevenb – Eargasm, indeed!! Great word.. it is almost orgasmic..

@TheHaight & susanc – Those magnifying mirrors are seriously addictive. My ex had one, and both of us would disappear into the bathroom for 30–40 minutes.. I always knew what she was doing because I did the same. :)

@shrubbery & hollywoodduck – Right on! I knew I couldn’t be the only one. :) What prompted me to ask this question here was that I kept finding myself dancing for the dogs I’m watching. They’d just sit there and look at me and I’d dance and sing at them. It was cracking me up that they were unmoved, just sitting there blinking at me acting silly. :)

@monsoon – I understand that, too.. when I’m in a relationship and I find myself alone, it’s all about the computer games (multiplayer and otherwise).

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I give myself a very thorough pedicure.

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I really enjoy the taste of the nacho cheese flavor on Doritos. In fact, I prefer it to the actual chip, and generally toss ‘em out after the rich, cheesy goodness has been exhausted.

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I sing very loudly like I’m an opera star.

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I sing and dance in my bedroom (oh what a shame!) like if I were the lost member of 98 degrees :S

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I watch Sex and the City.

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I talk to myself a lot, fall asleep to music and watch Northern Exposure drunk.

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Of course I can’t think of anything that anyone else would find irritating!

But I do keep the tv on almost all of the time, including when I’m asleep, reading a book, several rooms away, you name it, the tv is on.

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